Thursday, October 12, 2023


Vanessa agreed to return to her hometown and take the reigns of the family business Barron's Distillery while her father was at a conference. All she was supposed to do was sign paychecks and approve purchase orders. But her father is missing... never showing when the private charter plane arrived to bring him back home.

Vanessa has been trying her best to avoid her friends knowing that the subject of Beau and the ending of their relationship would be on everyone's thoughts. But her father had put plans in place in case he ever goes missing and hiring Beau as her bodyguard was one of the terms.

Beau is the owner of a corporate team-building business and does surveillance for a few high-profile clients. While setting up a retreat for his friend Maverick he learns of Vanessa's father's kidnapping and even though Vanessa is the last person he ever wants to guard... he knows he is the only one who can.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. We met several of the secondary characters in Sunshine & Saddles, another Kissing Springs series book. So if you want to read Maverick and Jennifer's story it is a must-read although both books have their separate HEAs. There are also other secondary characters from Sunshine & Saddles who make an appearance and I hope will have their own stories in the future.

This book is action-packed with some major twists and turns. There is mystery and suspense and danger from a very unexpected source. It is also smoking hot. Highly recommend.

BOURBON & BRAWN is book two of the WELCOME TO KISSING SPRINGS: The Bourbon Season multi-author series

Maverick & Jessica's story can be found in SUNSHINE & SADDLES, book two of the WELCOME TO KISSING SPRINGS: The Sunshine Season series. You can find my review here

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