Friday, May 27, 2022

Author at a Glance - KRISTIN LEE


Kristin Lee writes romance novels that include the four S’s

Steamy * Sexy * Sometimes Sweet * Slow Burn

Her books will feature forbidden, second chance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and protective heroes as well as alpha men. Some of her leading ladies will be sassy, sweet, bossy, bitchy, shy, and geeky. We all have different personalities, shapes ,and sizes, so her romance novels will too.

Her career has spanned from being an IT Recruiting Executive to owning a business with her husband to teaching preschool. Her jobs have taken her around the country so you will see tidbits of her experiences in her books. When she was young, she always thought she would be a sports analyst, but life took her elsewhere. Maybe one of her characters will fulfill Kristin’s teenage dream.

If she isn’t writing or reading, you will find her streaming her favorite shows, attending sporting events, scrapbooking, or just chasing after her ten year old son and his friends. Did I mention she loves having a Bourbon cocktail while at the horse races?

She lives in the south, although she has lived on the West Coast and the Midwest earlier in life. Her husband encouraged her to start writing a novel of her own and now she can’t stop. If you haven’t found your match, don’t worry, you will. Kristin believes in silver linings. Every experience is leading you somewhere so come take a romantic journey in one of her contemporary romance novels. Add SPICE to your LIFE without eating a habanero or breaking a sweat.

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SUNSHINE & SADDLES - Welcome to Kissing Springs: The Sunshine Season (Book Two)

BOURBON & BRAWN - Welcome to Kissing Springs: The Bourbon Season (Book Two)

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