Thursday, November 25, 2021

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - KISMET by Sarah Peis narrated by Avery Caris

This is the first time that I've listened to Avery Caris and I look forward to listening to more audiobooks narrated by her in the future!  Her voice is upbeat and full of energy and brought Maisie and Oliver's story to life for me.  Her voice is very expressive to the point I could feel the eye rolls and her male voice was amazing!  Highly recommend Avery as a narrator.


Maisie is in her bedroom putting the last touches on a special order dress and looks up from beading when she hears a noise.  Her roommates aren't expected back for hours.  Someone is in the house and is searching through the cabinets.

Maisie grabbed the first thing she could find for protection and snuck downstairs to check it out.  The gorgeous man standing in the kitchen in an Armani suit isn't what you'd expect in a burglar.  And him laughing as she welds a sewing machine for protection doesn't help.

I love this series and Sarah Peis just keeps getting better with each installment in this series.  It is very well written and I felt like I was part of the community and these women were my friends.  Willa & Drake, Stella & Mason and all the usual town characters are very active in this story along with getting a few more intimately.

I love Maisie.  She has major trust issues and is determined to never have another relationship.  Unfortunately for her Oliver is determined to not be a one-night stand.  This book starts off hilarious and once Maisie gets over her mortification steamy hot.  Can't wait to read the completion of their story in Some Call It Fate!  

Highly recommend this book and series!  Sarah Peis's books are light hearted but steamy books.  Definitely need to add her to your must read authors' list!

KISMET is the prequel to book three the SWEET DREAMS Series!

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