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Alanna's studies have brought her far over the last few years since high school.  She has accomplished her dream of being a clothes designer and has fine tuned her skills as a mage and earned a position on the Council of Mages to the dismay of the male members of the council in the Seat of Aester Mana, a rare atonement only blessed on the rare few conceived on Beltane.

Liam is also on the Council of Mages in the Seat of Elemental Mana and a Warlock.  Brandan is a school counselor and a full Enchanter mage.

Alanna and Liam are planning their life together, but the jealousy between Liam and Brendan has gotten worse over the years and the brothers can barely tolerate each other.  Brandan takes every opportunity that he can to rub the close relationship he has with Alanna in Liam's face.

When Allana is contacted with information about her birth father she agrees to meet, but only if she can bring a bodyguard since she has no idea how they even know about her search.  She is shocked at who shows for meeting and even more shocked at their offer to train her in all the atonements.

I loved this book!  This is book two in the Winter's Magic series and I have to give a few warnings for those with triggers:  there are scenes of rape and torture and a cliffhanger.

Laelia Starla has taken me further into the depths of this amazing series of magic.  Alanna has grown into a strong woman who is becoming a force in the mage world by easily accessing powers that take others years to grasp.  Her love for both Liam and Brandan has grown even stronger over the years as has their jealousy of each other.

This book is action packed and steamy hot from beginning to end and the surprises just keep coming.  I don't know how many times I wanted to strangle Liam and Brandan throughout this book with their major misconceptions and the heartache they caused.  This book has several twists that will lead you on a path of danger, suspense and heartbreak. 

I highly recommend this series, but hold on tight because there are major curves in this story.  Can't wait for the next book in the series to see where Laelia will lead these characters next.

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