Thursday, November 25, 2021

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - SOME CALL IT FATE by Sarah Peis narrated by Avery Caris


I first heard Avery Caris narrating in the novella KISMET, which is the prequel to Maisie and Oliver's story.  I really love her upbeat and expressive delivery.  She definitely brought Maisie to life!  Both of these books are told from Maisie's POV, but Avery's transition into the male voice of Oliver is spectacular.  Highly recommend Avery Caris as a narrator!

We start Maisie and Oliver's relationship in the novella KISMET and after their hilarious first meeting things get smoking hot.  But, Maisie doesn't want a relationship.  Been there...done that and it didn't leave her with any positive feelings on anything past a one-night stand.  Oliver, however, is determined to change her mind.

Except Oliver is keeping a major heartbreaking secret.

This is the continued story of Maisie and Oliver from Kismet and although it is a stand-alone book, I would suggest you listen to Kismet before reading Some Call It Fate.  You can find Kismet as an audiobook in Google Play.

I loved Maisie and Oliver's story.  Maisie runs so hard I'm surprised she didn't leave skid marks especially when she puts down the brakes and tells Oliver to get lost when she finds out what he's been keeping from her.

This book is hilarious, steamy hot and has a few unexpected twists thrown in.  Highly enjoyable book that I highly recommend!

SOME CALL IT FATE is book three of the SWEET DREAMS Series!

This audiobook is available in Google Play!

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