Friday, November 26, 2021

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - WORSHIP by Sarah Peis narrated by Mia Madison

This is my first time listening to Mia Madison and she did an amazing job bringing Kinsley and Landon to life.  This book is totally from Kinsley's POV, but even Landon's frustrations coming through with Mia's narration.  I highly recommend this audiobook and look forward to hearing more books narrated by Mia in the future!


Kinsley woke up in a strange bed naked beside a drop dead gorgeous man.  As she stares at him in horror she realizes that she is wearing a wedding ring!!!  Then the memories begin to come to her.  

She and her friends had arrived in Vegas yesterday and after getting to the hotel they promptly left her to deal with the luggage and took off.  So after getting situated in the room she decided to check out the casino where she tripped over her own feet and would have face planted on the floor if not for the gorgeous man who caught her.

She had been overwhelmed and entranced by his gorgeous turquoise eyes and when she realized that he was covered in his beer that was spilt as he went to catch her she offered to buy him a new shirt.

This novella is the prequel to Some Call It Devotion and it is laugh out loud funny.  It is very well written and Kinsley and Landon are hilarious.  Kinsley is never spontaneous and hated that she was even in Vegas, but Landon made her throw out her ten year plan and just enjoy herself.

This book is smoking hot and even though a novella there is a lot going on.  I look forward to seeing the rest of Kinsley and Landon's story.  Sarah Peis has written another amazing story about Humptulips and I feel like I am part of this small town of tightly knit friends.

Highly recommend this series!

WORSHIP is a SWEET DREAMS Series Novella!

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