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Reka was on a ten-day holiday with her best friends Chloe and Aileen. Chloe had won the trip in a travel magazine contest. A ten-day all-expenses trip for two, but she convinced them to make it a trip for three if the girls flew economy instead of 1st class and roomed together.

The women had been inseparable since meeting freshman year of college. Now five years after graduating they made sure to have dinner at least once a month, but since they all lived in Chicago they tried to meet up whenever their careers would allow. 

They were currently in Istanbul for a quick stop before going on to Lake Salda, but Reka fell in love with Istanbul and would have stayed there forever. They were currently exploring the Grand Bazaar and the girls were having a great time helping each other pick out souvenirs for their family back home.

As Aileen was making her and Chloe pose for photos she felt uneasy, but didn't see anything out of the normal. When the feeling returned later she rushed her friends out of the market asking if Chloe had a place to eat in mind.

As Chloe's GPS led them into a more residential area Reka felt it again and told her friends they needed to go back the way they came. As they passed a man who had stepped out of the shadows, he pulled a knife and they turned and ran. They had almost reached the Grand Bazaar when she heard a scream and looked back to see Chloe struggling with the man. She grabbed her pepper spray from her backpack and yelled for Aileen to keep running and find help.

Able to grab her friend the last thing she remembered before losing consciousness was Chloe looking at something behind her in terror and hoping that Chloe had managed to get away.

His Chimera Force teammates had gotten used to him playing chess by himself, but playing chess was the only thing that kept him sane when he went to prison. And though he now had a chess set he didn't need one nor a partner. He learned the hard way not to need anything because it can be taken away in the blink of an eye so he perfected playing chess solo in his mind. Able to always be five steps ahead of his opponent.

There were five of them in total. All of them offered a second chance. Thorne and his associate Reynolds had them all released from prisons around the country in exchange for doing whatever they requested for five years. Then their records would be clean and they could return to the lives they had before. Each of the men where picked for their special skill set. Ash had been a career soldier and was an expert in hand-to-hand combat before being convicted of a heinous crime.

When Thorne called them into the conference room and told them they had a new target, he wondered what had happened to Reynolds since he left them a month ago after congratulating them for the success of their first mission. He looked as if he had aged ten years.

When Thorne brings up a photo of a gorgeous woman in a graduation gown on the large conference room screen, he hears Reynold's toneless voice and realizes that a much younger and happier Reynolds has his arm wrapped around the girl's shoulders. He tells them that the photo taken five years ago was of his only niece Reka and that she and her friend Chloe has been taken by one of the country's biggest philanthropists...who had another growing business... trafficking women.

I fell in love with JR Pace with her Sharp's Cove series and didn't think anything could get better after her Mont Blanc Rescue series. Both of the previous series are full of danger and suspense, but the danger is in direct relation to the heroine and the heroes are police, firemen, rescue team... heroes.

Chimera Force is on a different level... these men aren't heroes. They have histories and are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start again. This story is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Where JR Pace's previous series had a targeted person needing protection, The Chimera Force series is a much darker set of books full of evil men who these anti-heroes are to extinguish.

This book is action-packed and full of danger from page one. For those with triggers, this book is full of violence and revolves around human trafficking, but I cannot highly recommend this book (and series) enough! As with Dark's story (book one), everything isn't as it seems regarding the team member's past and why they were imprisoned.

As with all of her series each of the books can be read as a standalone and I always recommend starting with book one, but especially with this series. The full scope of how Chimera Force began and to get to know the other team members better, I highly recommend you read Dark Soul if you haven't already!

ASH STORM is book two of the CHIMERA FORCE Series!

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Start reading the CHIMERA FORCE Series today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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