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Kai was having another nightmare. That day haunted his dreams and stayed with him during the day. Although it has been ten years, it fills like yesterday. Blood on the ground beneath them... so cold as the blood drained from the gunshot wound. Jude beside him... his hand found in the river the next day.

When he looked in the bathroom mirror seeing his father's image staring back the dream that woke him came back... first, the alleyway with Jude but now the image on the ground next to him wasn't his cousin but it was his father's dead eyes looking at him.

His life has been bad since he was fifteen but the last year was the worse. He could still hear the woman on TV saying words he had dreaded since he found out what his dad did for a living. "Dominic Madden was dead." Thank God his father wasn't dead. He needed to draw out the traitors in the club and playing dead was the only way to do it. His dad was the president of the King's Men MC club and many wanted him dead.

Kai wasn't heir because his dad was president of the MC club. He had worked hard and was a computer genius. It was his computer skills which helped them take down the corrupt mayor and judge who tried to take out the King's Men MC and take over their business.

Gemma was trying not to fall into old habits when her mother grabbed her orange juice and poured it down the drain and gave her the side-eye as she thought better of reaching for the cream cheese for her dry bagel. Her mother was always looking at her critically and was now telling her that she had an outfit delivered to Gemma's apartment for their dinner tonight with Uncle Frank, her deceased father's oldest brother, stressing that they needed to make him happy.

Gemma had left Sacramento as fast as she could when she graduated high school making sure to attend a college in Boston to be away from her mother and creepy stepfather. That was until she lost her job and was forced to move back home and work for Mayor Gallagher, another uncle. Her employment with him ended quickly two years ago when it was discovered he was corrupt and was in prison for a twenty-year sentence when killed by Savkin Bratva members he had helped send to prison.

Her mother just received an eviction notice which was why she wanted to make her other uncle happy. Although why her mother thought he would help was beyond her and when she saw the outfit that she was expected to wear she was even more confused. Luckily she had a cardigan she put over the very exposing neckline although she couldn't do anything about the length but pray she didn't have to bend over. There was no way she was wearing the six-inch heels and grabbed her flats.

When they arrived at her uncle's home she was even more confused and when she found out what her mother had done she ran...

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Heir is a standalone novel, but you really need to start this series from the beginning to fully understand the underlying history and how everything connects. 

This book is action-packed from cover to cover and smoking hot. It is full of suspense and danger although it takes a while for you to find out what Gemma is running from and then you see how evil the Gallagher family really is. 

This book is full of unexpected twists! If you like dark romance you will love this series! Can't wait for Micah's story!!!

HEIR is book four of the KING'S MEN MC Series

Start reading HEIR today!
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Start the KING'S MEN MC Series today!
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