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Daisy is sitting in the once-opulent boardroom of the Carter hotel chain with her twin sister Rose and their younger sister Poppy. The portraits of the former CEOs, including that of her father, are watching her as she tries to find a way out of their desperate financial problems.

Their one chance to save their legacy is to win the Levi Resorts acquisition. Levi is having a four-day corporate team-building exercise and is demanding that all bidding CEOs attend or their bid will not even be considered.

So instead of heading to Saint Martin for the gorgeous beaches to lie in the sun catching up on her reading list, she is going determined to win the bid for the Levi Resort. Not only was it their last chance to save their heritage, it was their only chance.

If that fact wasn't stressful enough, Gillard Hotel Group would also be attending. Their family had been feuding for generations and there was always something added to the flames and this time it was Brayden accusing Poppy of stealing hotel secrets. She was determined to not only win this bid but demand a public apology for their accusations.

So with the help of her sisters, she was packed and at LAX in no time. Now she was trudging through the powder-like sand looking for a hot shower, gin and tonic and a nap. To make everything much worst she hears a rude demand from behind her asking what she was doing there. Great, Zan Gillard, and their bungalows were next to each other.

Alexander Gillard couldn't believe his eyes. It couldn't be a coincidence she was here. If she wasn't there stalking him he might have appreciated the view in front of him. It was his walking, talking enemy Daisy Carter. He had sweet-talked the check-in clerk and found out Daisy was attending and told her he planned on proposing and she immediately made sure they were roomed next to each other.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer had never fit a situation better.

I loved this story! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although this book is a standalone novel, the characters are recurring throughout the series with other Praesidio members and starting at the beginning of the series will give you further background in what makes Zan...well Zan.

This book is action-packed from word one and this forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers romance is full of angst and their family feud-led rivalry will keep you turning the pages. Low swimmers... Clovis and Clovista... I can't stop laughing!

This book is full of betrayal and the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus couldn't be any more apt with Zan's cluelessness.

I highly recommend this book and anything written by Hayson Manning!


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