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Today Chloe had broken dishes, ripped the trash bag and had been unable to keep up with orders. And this was just her first day. Running a household with two children and a firefighter had been a piece of cake. That was until Warren died in a warehouse fire three years ago.

Soon after the funeral her son Dillon had quit school for a year of backpacking and ended up staying in Australia after falling in love with a cattle rancher. Three months ago Amy transferred to Microsoft's office in Ireland. With both children now overseas she was totally alone and the home that she had built with Warren was an empty reminder of all she had lost.

Lieutenant Holden McGee and his Seattle firehouse joined several others to fight the massive warehouse fire that the wind was turning into a feeding frenzy. They were able to keep it from jumping but just barely. The abandoned warehouse was burnt to the ground but the neighboring buildings were still standing with no injuries. 

He was at Thornes and Roses, his favorite BDSM club, and half listening to his friends cut up while his gaze passes over a small woman in a white corset and black petticoats. Then his gaze swings back in shock. What is Chloe Swartz doing there? His previous Captain's wife was the last person he would expect to see.

Instead of the vibrant woman who had served a three-course meal to their fire squad, rangling two teens and checking on the laundry, he sees a lost woman who has lost too much weight. He had never suspected her to be into the lifestyle. Had Warren been? He had never gotten a submissive vibe from her before.

When she said hi and lowered her eyes it hit him. Chloe was a submissive...and she was in his club.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This is my first time reading Karen Nappa and I totally loved it. Chloe is totally lost after the death of her husband and is just falling deeper into depression after her daughter leaves home. Holden is a third-generation firefighter wearing the mantel of carrying on his family tradition.

This book is action-packed and full of danger and suspense with a surprising twist ending. I love the secondary characters and how their personal and professional lives intertwine. This is an age-gap, D/s, smoking hot romance. Chloe needs a Master to keep her grounded and she is Holden's calm after chasing an arsonist.

Highly recommend.

CLAIMING CHLOE is book two of the DOMS IN UNIFORM Series

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