Thursday, May 25, 2023

REVIEW - RECKONING by Shelby Gunter

Hailey didn't think that she would love boxing as an exercise as it seemed too violent, but she needed an outlet to take out her rage and pain. She had been sixteen when a woman saw her working out and asked her if she wanted to join her self-defense class. She didn't realize then that Kathryn would change her world.

With the help of Kathryn and Diane, the woman who literally saved her life, and tons of therapy she was still struggling to deal with the murder of the love of her life, but knowing she could defend herself was heading in the right direction.

Ten years had gone by since that fateful day and now she is sitting at the bar with music thumping through the club making her want to dance, but tonight is not about fun. It is about justice. Righting wrongs under the cover of night that the good guys can't accomplish by the light of day.

A handsome man with a deep voice approaches her saying that she looks like she could use and friend and would she like to dance. The dance is ending and with her arms looped around his neck the needle hidden in her ring pricks his neck and she walks away. The untraceable neurotoxin will work while he is dancing and looking for his next target. But his pending heart attack will ensure he doesn't rape another woman.

She leaves the club and heads for the bathroom of her favorite diner to trash her wig, contacts and sexy dress. After removing her makeup she heads towards the front of the diner to the woman who adopted her when she was sixteen giving her a home and an introduction to The Shadow Society.

She arrived at the law office to find it buzzing, but no one knows what is going on. The partners have been in a conference all morning and they have called for an office meeting later that day. Hailey returns to her office to contact Lizard, the tech genius for The Society, to see if she knows what is going on. 

When she finds out that the partners' sons owe a huge debt and they are being forced to sell to the Bratva, she hands in her notice and heads to spend time with her best friend and previous boss Quinn who had left the hustle and bustle of New York for a town in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. 

Dax was not where he expected to be at this point in his life. He is looking around The Warehouse with its three boxing rings in the center and edging the walls was all the regular gym equipment...treadmills, benches and free weights. 

He thought he would still be on missions, but he came home from service with both a destroyed shoulder and bum knee after a mission went wrong kicking him off his SEAL team. His shoulder was so bad that he couldn't hold a rifle taking away his chances to even stay on active duty.

So he came home to North Carolina and opened the gym that he and his best friend had always dreamed of. Only RJ had been murdered while Dax was out on his first mission. 

I can't tell you how much I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. 

This book has it all. If you have triggers beware as this book involves human trafficking and abuse. It is full of danger, suspense and intrigue and boy there are tons of twists and unexpected connections. And if you want smoking-hot it has all the feels and so much more. 

This is not the normal alpha male who saves the woman because Hailey is kick-a$$, literally. And I love how Dax accepts that and lets her do her thing without trying to interfere.

I can't wait to read more about these amazing women and the men strong enough to accept them for who they are! Highly recommend!

RECKONING is book one of THE SHADOW Series

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