Monday, May 29, 2023

REVIEW - HEART'S VOW by Rogue London

Romeo Vitale was standing at the altar waiting for his bride. A woman he is yet to meet, but this was a business arrangement as was normal when joining two mafia families.

Her father offered his daughter in marriage as a form of peace, but Romeo had two demands. One, the marriage was to happen the next morning. Two, she was to leave everything behind...nothing but the clothes on her back.

Her father had been too lenient with her and had managed to get out of several attempts at marrying her off. She would obey Romeo and follow his rules or find herself over his knee to get the point across. Her life could depend on it marrying the most ruthless and feared mafia Don.

Vittoria begged and pleaded with her father, but no matter what she did there was nothing she could do. Today she was getting married and told to not bother packing since she wouldn't be taking anything with her. She wasn't even told the name of the man she was to marry.

As soon as her father left the room she dug deep into her closet for the most used sweatpants she could find which she paired with an ACDC t-shirt. She pulled her hair into a wild birdnest where she hid her credit card and then started applying the most unflattering makeup she could. Creating deep bags under her eyes and anything to make her look like an ugly old crone.

Since her door was being guarded she heads for her window and despite her father having cut the trellis off the ground after her last escape, she decided it was worth it to escape the wedding. The next thing she knows she is flying through the air as the trellis breaks under her weight. Falling into the arms of a gorgeous smiling man. When her father sees her she is rushed into the limousine before she can beg the man to help her.

As her father leads her down the aisle she wears a look to show her soon-to-be husband how unhappy she is with the situation only for it to turn to a look of shock. The man standing at the altar is the gorgeous man who caught her as she fell from her window, only now instead of looking laid-back, he vibrates with power.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This has to be my favorite Rogue London book to date! This is book one in the Mafia Brides series about seven brothers - Romeo being the head of the Vitale family.

This book is action-packed from page one and will keep you turning the pages. It is full of danger, suspense and intrigue, and in typical Rogue fashion, there is a definite power exchange that includes spanking that will heat up your Kindle.

Beyond Vittoria's bratty behavior that pushes the limits of Romeo's patience, there is a large list of secondary characters which give more depth to this suspenseful story. I highly recommend this book and look forward to Gaetano's story!

HEART'S VOW is book one of the MAFIA BRIDES Series

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