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Even though Blaire's dad is confined to a hospital bed with tubes attached he still manages to laugh at his best friend Nick's jokes. If she had known that he would be there she would have delayed her visit. Nick was twenty years older than her and thought that that alone gave him the right to rule her life.

The doctors were wanting to keep her dad in the hospital for a few more days to run tests on his heart and warn him to take it easy, but she could tell that he was worrying about the charity gala that he had been planning for the last two months.

He was determined that every kid he saw on the street had a home and started by donating five-hundred acres to build a shelter and hiring eleven full-time employees to look after the kids. That was eleven years ago. Now there were three shelters. The gala was to ensure the kids could go to college. 

When she finds out that his hospital stay has been extended she offers to finalize the gala details. After all, she has worked with her father in the past and knows what needs to be done. But, her father tells her no. He wants her to enjoy life and have a social life, but if she insists he is willing for her to assist Nick.

Nick can't say no to Andrew when he asks him to work with Blaire. Although all she will do is throw their past disagreements in his face and act like a child. She still holds it against him that he was late picking her up for her high school prom, even though her father had asked him to. They neither trusted the intentions of her date. She needed to just let it go.

If it was his choice he would stay clear of her as all she did was infuriate him and it didn't help that now that she was twenty-seven he no longer saw her as a child...even though she acted like one when around him with her tantrums.

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although I really liked this story, Blaire really got on my nerves at times. Her rude behavior wasn't just limited to Nick. If you want angst this book is full of it especially when Dad finds out what is going on.

This book is a smoking hot forbidden, age-gap romance. Highly recommend.

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