Saturday, September 16, 2023


Dante Frost was walking around the spacious venue and despite it being very elegant his sister-in-law had managed to make it look like a fairy outdoor woodland perfect for his free-spirited niece.

As he is checking out all the details his eyes are drawn to the far corner of the room to the wedding cake. A masterful piece of art, unlike any wedding cake he had ever seen. A fallen log with tiers of flowers and limbs. It looked so lifelike it couldn't possibly be real. But when he drew closer he realized it was multiple cakes with making tower with cascading flowers made from cupcakes. 

Everything was a perfect piece of art and next to the cake were supplies of icing and undecorated cupcakes. Unable to stop himself he stuffed one in his mouth and moaned in delight. He had never tasted anything this delicious. As he is taking a closer look at the mastery before him he hears a gasp and an angry woman rushing his way.

Brianna Michaels can't believe her eyes as she sees the man leaning over the cake that she has made for her best friend's wedding. She was hoping that some of Caroline's mother's rich guests would be interested in her services in the future and she could finally get the bakery of her dreams. Who is this rude man who has the nerve to start eating parts that she may still need to finish the wedding cake?

Weeks go by before she sees the handsome thief again and when she tries to avoid him she wakes to find out she is now in Italy. Kidnapped... In order to be freed he wants 60 days... with 60 cakes.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. This book is hilarious on how far this man will go to satisfy his sweet tooth, but he soon realizes that the more he is around her the more he wants her to stay.

This book is action-packed and steamy hot. But Dante has secrets. Secrets that endanger Brianna's life. Highly recommend!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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