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Tragedy is an old acquaintance for Kellina Duncan and Forbes MacColloch, both bearing the scars of their pasts. When their worlds collide, can love's power mend their shattered spirits?

Kellina’s vow to never love again finds her resolve tested by Forbes. Despite her own haunting past, the powerful attraction of his magnetic presence rekindles her buried desires.

Forbes, a man broken by betrayal, never expected to meet someone like Kellina. Her fiery determination refuses to let him wallow in self-pity, and he's drawn to her against his will. But their relationship is impossible unless he can find a way to become the man she truly needs.

Can love actually meld together two shattered lives to forge a new, unbreakable union?

Amidst laughter and tears, this heartwarming tale of resilience and renewal will captivate you and leave you wanting more.

Brandy Golden © 2020

If Forbes had been able to get a word in edgeways, he would have been too shell-shocked to speak. Held captive, his mind screamed danger as he helplessly wheeled along behind her gently weaving buttocks. He was fascinated at the enchanting way they undulated in her snug denim jeans. In the kitchen, she bent down to put the eggs in the drawer and set the milk on the shelf.

Entranced, he watched the material go tight, his todger desperately trying to stand at attention. He felt the sudden intense urge to reach out and caress, or smack the rounded globes presented so enticingly. He wanted to lay her down on the floor and make her his in every sense of the word.

His breath caught. Alert!

This was dangerous ground, and never in a million years had he thought he’d be walking it again. He didn’t realize how close he’d gotten until she stepped backwards and tripped on his feet, thereby landing her luscious bottom directly in his lap.

His hands automatically reached out to steady her, one muscled arm going around her narrow waist to keep her from falling. The scent of her long chocolate curls wafted into his sensitive nostrils. He couldn’t quite place the luscious smell, but it seemed a cross between home-baked bread and ginger.

Damn, she felt so good on his broad thighs, fitting snugly into his arms like she was made for him.

“Oh,” she gasped. Her gray eyes with their purplish heather flecks widened when she twisted in his lap and their gaze met.

"P... pardon me, I didna expect ye to be right behind me!" 

She scrambled off his lap and stood there, her chest heaving as she twisted her slender fingers together. "I hope I didna hurt ye!"

His todger suddenly went limp, as if sad at her departure, and his lips twisted in defensive derision. "Dinna ye ever stop talking, lass?"

The change from contrition to fire was immediate, and her bonnie eyes flashed.

"Someone has to keep a conversation going; yere like talking to a bump on the proverbial log," she replied with a huff. 

One small foot encased in a leather boot tapped a rhythmic tattoo on the floor, expending an energy that seemed to keep her curvaceous figure constantly moving.

"Do ye have me payment ready?  I need to be getting to me next delivery."

"And here I thought ye were worried about hurting me. Have ye forgotten so quickly?"  His tone was mocking now. "But then I guess ‘tis always money first with women, eh?"

"I guess the same could be said for men and sex," she replied sweetly, not missing a beat. "Money can be important for a woman when a lazy lay-about won't pull his own weight." 

Her eyes sparkled in a challenge. To his amazement, they sparkled with everything but pity. And they were drop-dead gorgeous.

"And sex can be just as important when a man can't get no lovin’ from a cold fish," he stated boldly with an exaggerated American West slang.

"Maybe ye should try a woman instead of a fish," she shot back.

"Are ye volunteering?" he asked silkily.

He cursed himself for that remark. No way he was getting involved with anyone again.

She shook her head, hair falling in curly waves about her shoulders and layering across the top of her pink-checked, button-down shirt. "As tempting as ye might be, I'm afraid I'm committed elsewhere.  Ye’ll have to go a-huntin'."

Forbes shot her a sardonic grin. "I dinna have to do the hunting, they come to me."

One delicate brow shot up. "If that's true, then ye better be staying off the ledge instead of out there, acting like Snoopy on a limb. One of them might be pushing ye over after getting a taste of yere hospitality."

"Snoopy on a limb?" For the first time since the accident, Forbes fought the urge to chuckle.

"Or hanging morosely over the edge of his dog house, whichever ye prefer," she added with a smug grin.

His sense of humor felt another tickle.

"And here I thought of meself as Edgar Allen Poe's dark raven, giving ye the evil eye off me precarious perch."

He watched in fascination as Kellina snorted, her lips twitching, and then she broke into a peal of laughter. It was like the sun breaking through the clouds on a rainy day, enveloping you in its warmth, inside and out. He couldn't help the crooked, not been used since forever, grin that stole across his own mouth. He had to admit, she had a quick wit. She was also the first person he'd met who didn’t send him furtive glances of pity and sympathy; she just took him at face value.

It was ridiculously refreshing.

"Aye, ye do resemble a raven more than Snoopy, I'll give ye that, Poe, but I really have to be going. I've got a schedule to keep, and I'm running a tad late as it ‘tis. If ye dinna know anything about me payment, I'll collect it from Corny when he gets back. Ye have nae need to worry about it." 

She whipped around him then and headed for the front door. He followed her just so he could watch her delicious butt cheeks undulate once again.

"Dinna be late again, Kellina. There are consequences for tardiness, ye know." Why the devil that had slipped out he couldn’t fathom unless her nicely rounded bottom was to blame.

She whipped her head back around the door, her beautiful eyes flashing once again. "I'll be late if I have a mind too, Poe. It's me own schedule I keep—or not keep. And there's nary a damn thing ye can do about it!"

Unable to help himself, Forbes quickly wheeled out the patio door and across the concrete where he could get a glimpse of her headed down the rocky path to the main road below.

Corny's cottage was on a blasted precipice! Her neat figure was sure-footed, her long curls waving in the air behind her. She disappeared all too quickly, leaving him to wonder what the hell had just happened? 

More about Brandy:

Brandy Golden is an international bestselling author who has written numerous stories utilizing the domestic power exchange between her hero and heroine. Humor, suspense, mystery, and romance are all in the recipe for gripping stories that grab your heart and won't let go. And when a sexy spanking is thrown in, it's even better!

"Dashing knights, handsome billionaires, sexy cowboys, you name them. I love all those alpha males and the sassy women they fall in love with.

When I'm not working on a story, I'm enjoying being retired in the lovely state of Missouri with my husband, a dog, and a snarly black cat.

The golden glow of romance is all around us, it's in the air, and our lives reflect it every day. And what's more romantic than a sexy spanking to spice it up?

Enjoy the glow, my friends, and spanks to you for reading my stories!"

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