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Although many jump out of planes for the military, their job or for pleasure Slater has checked them all off. He sends his partner Blu a cocky grin before falling backward out of the plane towards the freezing depths of the ocean. 

His partner Blu and he are on a rescue and recovery mission for a kidnapped child being held for ransom on a yacht and even though his father is scum he will always take on any mission revolving a kidnapped child. He had once been that child and he knows firsthand the horror they go through. So no matter who their parents are or the amount they are able to afford he is there every time.

They successfully rescue the boy after disbursing all of the guards and he is headed to see the most important woman in his life. The woman who calms him. The only woman he has ever loved... although he can never tell her since he can't lose his best friend. His Angel Cake.

Arley is an analyst at Haworth Enterprises who sees everything in color. Her sensory condition keeps her isolated most of the time because no one other than her best friend Slater understands her and how debilitating her condition can be. Her gorgeous James Bond type agent best friend that she has been in love with since they were stuck in the elevator for several hours on his first day at Haworth Enterprises. 

But Slater is not only above her in every way he is allergic to dating. She dreads the day when he finally decides to date and the woman doesn't like how close of a relationship she has with her Cowboy.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable! This is one of the best books I have read this year! 

It has it all! Action-packed... think James Bond type of stuff! Best friends who do and share everything with each other... except what they really want to do. Danger and suspense... bullets and bodies flying. Smoking hot... will melt your Kindle hot!!!

BUT, and I have never hated this before as much as I do now... it is book one in a DUET!!! So warning if you don't like cliffhangers. BUT THIS BOOK IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!

Xavier Neal has hit it out of the ballpark with this book. Although in Cowboy and Angel Cake's case a Hat Trick! Even ducking bullets they will have you laughing. This is truly the type of relationship I wish I had. Highly recommend and so can't wait for book 2 of their story!

SHATTERPROOF is book two of the Hayworth Enterprises Series and book one of THE SHATTER & SHOCK Duet!

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