Monday, September 11, 2023

REVIEW - RELIGHT MY FIRE by Louise Murchie

Abi read through the letter from America in shock. She and her sister Vicky are invited to attend the reading of their father's will. She thinks that the last time she saw her father she was seven years old. She remembered the summer she spent in Piper Falls, but her mother told her that it never happened and it was just her imagination.

Her mother had been adamant over the years that she didn't know where their father was and now it was too late. And when her mother tells her it wasn't a dream and that all the letters she had received had been returned she has to hold in her anger.  

It has been over 20 years and she had always held on to her imaginary friends and their agreement to become firefighters like their fathers. As she packs up her bags ready to travel from Scotland she wonders if Nick is still there or if he was in fact part of her imagination.

Relight My Fire is part of a multi-author series centering around the Piper Falls Firehouse 49. Although each story has its own HEA each author's story includes a recurring list of characters.

Abi and Nick met as children and were reunited after the death of her father brought her to America. Abi had been told that she had imagined her trip to Piper Falls when she was a child and found out that her mother had returned all correspondence from her father and friends. 

I loved being reunited with everyone in Piper Falls and how all the stories in the series get tied together.

RELIGHT MY FIRE is book six of the multi-author series PIPER FALLS: FIREHOUSE 49

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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