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Cassandra only has six months left before graduating college and is home for Thanksgiving. Hearing a door slam and her parents arguing reminds her of one of the reasons she hates being home. Her parents argue about anything and everything.

She is from a Greek family who make their opinions about her choices known at all times. They hate that she decided to go to college at U of I Champaign-Urbana and up and until she was driving away trying to get her to change her mind. Their antiquated traditions... no sex until she is married - to a nice Greek boy. Stay home and work in the family restaurant.

Her dream since childhood was to move to Chicago and be independent. The thought of marrying a Greek boy and popping out children makes her sick to her stomach. She has no plans to marry let alone have kids. She wants a career and in six months that dream will begin.

The only thing is that also means leaving her boyfriend Corey. But they knew at the beginning that their relationship had an expiration date since she had her heart set on Chicago and he had six more years of college for his PhD. 

I loved this story! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although this story is part of The Rock Star's Wife series the timeline happens near the end of book two, Mr. Right is a Myth, when she travels home for the holidays. Unlike books one and two of the series which is totally told from Cassie's POV this holiday story includes the POVs of her boyfriend Corey, her best friend Jennifer and her cousin Phil. 

Cassie and Corey are both struggling with their feelings knowing that they will be saying goodbye when she graduates and I love how we also get Jennifer and Phil's POV as he also plans on going against family tradition by marrying a Greek.

This book is action-packed and full of family drama as Cassie fights to make her own life decisions. This book does not leave Cassie with an HEA, but gives you a look into her relationship with Corey and how Cassie wonders if there is a way to follow her dreams and also keep Corey. 

I would suggest that you read this series from the beginning to get a full understanding of Cassie's dreams and the dynamics of her very vocal family. Highly recommend.


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