Thursday, November 9, 2023

REVIEW - FORD'S FIGHT by Ashley A Quinn

Brooke McGinty was rushing from work to make her dinner engagement with her fiance Johnathan Cassidy and he hated it when she was late. She hears angry voices and heads towards the study to see what's going on. She stops in shock when she hears the conversation between Johnathan and his brother Will and immediately turns on the record option on her phone.

Not only has Johnathan been cheating on her but they plan to kill both her father and grandfather in order to gain control of their empire. Marrying her was just a stepping stone to his final goal of CEO. Then her phone rings alerting them to her presence. Her only choice is to run...

She calls her father immediately with a wild emergency dealing with a bridezilla and he tells her that will have the pilot ready ASAP. Scared to give their pilot Ezra more than that she is in danger and needs to disappear until she has figured out how to proceed he tells her to leave everything to him.

What she didn't expect was that his idea of helping her was to drop her in the lap of one of his former SEAL buddies in Costa Rica.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. The Wagner Brigade is a spin-off of the Foggy Mountain Intrigue series where Brooke and Johnathan were first introduced. It is not necessary to read the Foggy Mountain Intrigue series as this book has it's own HEA, but it is a wonderful series and will give you more background into the characters.

Brooke's family owns a resort chain and her job is her life. Marrying Johnathan was just the expected thing to do even if she didn't have the deep feelings for him as her friends did for their spouses. Ford is a former SEAL whose team has gravitated to Costa Rica like him and even though he now runs a charter boat service he and this team haven't left their skills behind and will drop everything when needed.

This book is action-packed and full of intrigue and danger. With the distance between North Carolina and Costa Rica Brooke and Ford know a relationship is impossible, but when they are forced to take to the ocean they can't escape their attraction to each other. This book is smoking hot and will keep you turning the pages as Ford fights to keep Brooke safe from the men trying to kill her.

Highly recommend this book and anything by Ashley A Quinn! if you like suspense action romance look no further!

FORD'S FIGHT is book one of THE WAGNER BRIGADE series!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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