Friday, November 17, 2023

REVIEW - HERE WITH ME by Brooke Montgomery

Ten years ago Fisher buried his ten-year-old daughter Lyla and his wife and son blamed him for her death. But no one blamed him more than himself. 

Lyla was his shadow with his adventurous spirit. She was eager to do anything with him that involved hiking, horseback riding, climbing or any type of water sport. Unlike his son Jase who had no interest in any outdoor activities despite Fisher trying. He and Lyla were out hiking when she lost her grip and died on impact.

Despite everyone telling him it was a freak accident he couldn't live without his daughter and fell into deeper and deeper depression losing his family and his career as a famous bull rider. But, he didn't care he just wanted the pain to go away. And since he was the reason for the pain he had the perfect plan to end it all.

Noah was attending the Franklin Rodeo with her family and best friend. Despite her age she was a professional horse trainer at the Sugarland Creek Ranch owned by her family. One of her clients was competing in the barrel racing contest and Noah was excited to be there cheering her on.

She and her friend Magnolia are screaming at the top of their voices cheering Ellie on when she notices a smoking hot man watching her. Living with four brothers made sure that she wasn't scared to speak her mind and she decided to sit next to him and flirt. He may be older, but he is by no means old and what harm could it do?

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Fisher is enthralled with the gorgeous bold woman flirting with him. He is much too old for her but he can't seem to resist her charms. Later that night when he found out who she was he was too far gone and he would worry about it, but being his new employer's daughter wasn't the worst of it.

This book is an age-gap romance with more than one thing making their romance taboo. It is action-packed, full of danger and suspense and let's not forget smoking hot. This book is also very emotional and dives deep into depression and suicide so beware if this is a trigger. 

Noah's brothers are a handful and I can't wait to see what is in store for them. Highly recommend this series!

HERE WITH ME is book one of the SUGARLAND CREEK series!

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