Friday, November 17, 2023

REVIEW - COME WITH ME by Brooke Montgomery

Ten years ago Ayden had begged Laney to come with him. She had always known he was leaving this town behind the day he graduated high school. It was the only way to get from under the thumb of his abusive father. A father with power. The only answer was to disappear where his father couldn't find him.

But Laney wouldn't leave Texas and her mother. She couldn't desert her mother to run her story singlehandedly. So despite his breaking heart, he drives away watching the love of his life crying in the rearview mirror.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Ayden grew up with a powerful abusive father and a mother who turned to drink instead of fighting to protect herself or her son. He leaves Texas looking to start a new life and lands in Tennessee at the Sugarland Creek Ranch and the family that took him in and gave him a chance. A loving family... unlike the one he had grown up in.

Ten years later he is the boarding operations manager and is unprepared when Laney shows up to let him know that their best friend has died. But it was her other news that made him return to the one place he had vowed to never step foot in.

This book is action-packed and will keep you turning the pages. This second-chance romance is smoking hot and has a few surprises. This book is the prequel to the Sugarland Creek series which revolves around the Hollis family. Can't wait to see what Brooke Montgomery has in store for these siblings.

Highly recommend!

COME WITH ME is the prequel to the SUGARLAND CREEK series!

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