Friday, November 17, 2023


Elliot hates the bitter cold and the extra effort it takes to keep his business afloat. As he stares at the reports he doesn't understand how his ski resort numbers are so low. No matter how much his marketing department does the numbers keep getting worse instead of better.

Hearing a thump and a low curse coming from the other side of his office door he gets up to see what is going on and is captivated by the gorgeous woman smiling up at him as she picks up her dropped supplies. No matter how he tries to dive back into the reports in front of him he can't get the woman out of his thoughts.

Samantha knew she should have left the building once the man returned to his office. It was clear he hadn't recognized her and she was determined to finish the job she was there for. She had been working incognito for months to make sure her mother didn't lose her job so she picked up the cleaning supplies and headed for the next office.

Despite her best efforts she can't stay away and Elliot feels guilt and dismay that he slept with an employee but it soon becomes anger when he finds out she is not in fact in his employment and only posing as a janitor. 

I have mixed feelings about this book which is why I am rating it as a 4. I loved the basic story and Elliot and Samantha are great and all their interactions are smooth throughout the story. 

I did find the problems in his company questionable and the interactions between his employees surprisingly stilted since the conversation was much more flowing between the lead characters. It is almost as if written by two separate people.

But my main issue with the story is that the problems in the marketing department don't make sense to me. This man is a billionaire and to have a complete department trying to sabotage his company was too much of a stretch for me.

I have enjoyed the other books I have read by this author so was surprised this one didn't measure up for me. But don't let this keep you from reading as this story is available in Kindle Unlimited and I know everyone has their own opinions and what may bother me may not be an issue for others.

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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