Tuesday, October 19, 2021

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - FIRE BREATHING BEAST by Candace Ayers narrated by Teena Scott

This book is from both Sky and Beast's POV and Teena Scott does an amazing job as both the female and male voices of this story!

I loved her transitioning into Beast.  Not only does she give him an old-world accent and tone of speech, but she keeps in male character for whole chapters.  Throughout the book, Teena speaks both male and female parts and doesn't miss a beat transitioning back and forth.

If you haven't heard Teena Scott, I highly recommend her as she truly brought this story to life!

Book Review:

Sky is a waitress and luckily her boss is pretty lenient with her nephews, Nick and Casey, hanging out in the back after school.  She became their guardian after her brother was sent to prison and at times she thought she would be there right beside him after she killed her teenage nephews who were determined to drive her crazy.

As she takes the order from a customer, she notices Nick's shoes sticking out the office door, but her heart freezes as she notices that they are at a weird angle.  Sure enough when she goes to the office her nephew's shoes are there - without her nephew wearing them.  She is livid that they would do this again and she still has a few hours before going to find them.  Hopefully, they don't get into too much trouble before then.

When she gets a call from her nephews telling her they are in trouble and need her to pick them up she is relieved and anxious at the same time.  And then furious when she finds out that they took the boat into the bayou.  After getting directions she discreetly, although she did get caught, borrows her neighbor's boat and heads deep into the bayou.  She's never been this far in because NO ONE goes this far in.  She is so grounding those boys.  

All she can imagine are creepy men like you see in horror movies, but as she gets closer to her destination she is surprised to find herself in a lake...and is that a castle?  Maybe they aren't so creepy after all.  When a tall gorgeous man answers the door her fears fall away.

Until he introduces himself as Beast and tells her that she is his mate and he is a dragon!

I loved this book.  It is very well written and the characters are very relatable.  Despite Beast being a dragon, this story is very realistic and the storyline kept my attention from beginning to end.  I listened to this book in audio format and highly recommend it!


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