Thursday, October 28, 2021

REVIEW - CHLOE by Taya Rune

Chloe had just had to put dad in a nursing home and was feeling lonely.  His dementia finally got to the point that she had no choice.  Chloe was a social media influencer, but her dream was of being a screenwriter.  

As she is sitting on the dock lazing after taking her shots her boyfriend of eighteen months arrives unexpectedly.  He knew how hard being there without her dad was for her.  But, as she watches him she realizes that she has to get it over with because she has secrets.  Secrets that she hopes don't drive him away.

I totally enjoyed this novella.  It is very well written and the characters are very relatable.  Taya Rune writes about everyday imperfect people.  They aren't tall with six-pack abs, they have a little to spare around the waist.

This storyline was very unexpected and I loved how it was told.  Baby steps.  Looking forward to reading more by Taya Rune.

CHLOE is book four of the REFLECTIONS OF LOVE Series

Start reading CHLOE today!

Start reading the REFLECTIONS OF LOVE Series today!

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