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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - SAVED BY THE DARK by Ann Jensen narrated by Lexi Maynard & Connor Brown


This is my first time listening to a book narrated by Lexi Maynard & Connor Brown.  They did an awesome job bringing Phoebe, Edge and the rest of the characters to life!

Connor's deep voice is just plain sexy!  And Lexi's range of characters was perfect - from a young child to a Southern woman with attitude.  They were both amazing and I look forward to listening to them again!

Book Review:

Phoebe didn't mind the rough crowd at the roadside bar.  A year ago she would have fit in perfectly.  She had only spent a few weeks of the year living on the streets due to her fast fingers emptying pockets and getting paid under the table for waitressing.  She would do anything to have those days back.

The man with the cultured voice sitting next to her in the tailored suit was worse than a drug selling pimp.  He was violent and trained and sold women like broken toys.  The men who attended his twisted auctions and sex parties just laughed and joined in on the abuse of the female party favors.

Being taken out of the training center was a rare treat.  The public scenery should have been calming after all the cruelty and depravity she's witnessed over the past six months, but all she felt was dread.  She was Mitchel Thomas's broken pet.  She was beginning to wonder if she should just end it all.

She didn't understand why he had had her sallow and gaunt appearance covered up with makeup, dress her fine clothes and jewels and have product put onto her blonde curls if they were just going to sit in a dimly lit bar.  And when she overheard who he was selling her to her dread turned into numbing fear because the man was the sickest of them all.  

He had been trying to buy her for months, but Mitchel had said no until now, just keeping him supplied with other girls.  Girls that he beat to death and then had sex with their dead corpses.  She knew she wouldn't be able to survive if he got her in his possession.  Because that's all she was - a possession to be used as they wished.

Phoebe made the mistake of accepting a drink from the wrong guy and woke up in this nightmare chained lying on a concrete floor.   Everytime she tried to figure out an escape plan there were more drugs and beatings and a struggle to hold onto her sanity.

The compound was where the women Mitchel bought from various lowlifes were tortured until they were totally submission and a broken shell - if they survived at all.  The ones who didn't die were usually sold within a few weeks, but Phoebe had been through the foster system and had learned how to obsorb and revel in the pain.

Her attention was drawn to the other side of the bar as ten rough-looking bikers flirted with the waitress.  Although they were all tall, muscled and tattooed, she couldn't keep her eyes off the gorgeous man at the head of the table.  He was more reserved than his companions and his brown eyes took in everything around him and he gave her a smirk and wink when he caught her staring.

Sharp was the local chapter VP of the Dark Sons, one of the largest MC's in the country, and he and his brothers were taking a break before getting back on the road for another three hours.  Unlike the other guys who would be staying at the compound or going home to their families he was heading back out to schedule an escort for a gun delivery.  

The bar wasn't busy being the middle of a Sunday afternoon and the small beauty at the other side of the bar didn't belong in a place like this.  When he saw her get up to approach the bar he decided to have some fun.  If a little flirting caused a fistfight he knew his brothers had his back.  

When he asked if he could buy her a drink he couldn't hear her soft reply so he tucked her hair behind her shoulders and noticed tiny scars on her neck, but the distressing part were the purple and black marks covering her back and shoulders that even makeup couldn't cover.  Her tearful emerald green eyes looked up at him as she whispers "Please. Help me."

This book is amazing!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  I love Phoebe and Sharp.  This girl had a hard life even before she fell into the hands of a monster, but she didn't have a hardened character.  The struggles that she goes through to fit into the MC life and to trust these men to protect and not harm her are heartbreaking.  I love how she brings these MC men to their knees when they get a taste of her cooking.

Sharp, along with many of the members of the MC club, was military trained and lived by their own laws now.  The raw sexual chemistry between Phoebe and Sharp burns up the pages.  Sharp doesn't want to damage Phoebe with any of his rough sexual kinks especially after her torture, but she has other ideas and sets out to show him exactly how much she is willing to take.

This book is action-packed from page one.  It is packed full of emotions and you are rooting for a few men to be murdered and help in hiding their bodies.  If you have a problem reading human trafficking, violence against women, kinky sex or killing this may not be the book for you, but otherwise this is definitely the book to read for spine-tingling raw sex and action-packed chaos.  Highly recommend this book!!!

SAVED BY THE DARK is book one of the DARK SONS MC Series!

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