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The Hive is a city far above the forest tree line.  One of the rare places on earth to survive the decimation of the last World War generations ago was located above the clouds of acid rain.  The surviving being tired of the male egos and their strategies of war made their city in the highest reaches of the Colorado Rocky Mountains which was capable of sustaining life.  The Hive is female dominant keeping only a few males for breeding purposes. 

Alisha was becoming very dissatisfied with their societal structure the more she watched and her deadline was tomorrow for giving her decision on whether to become a mother to the council.  She decided to travel to the Land of the Dead and speak to her Droid mom Elizabeth to help her make her decision regarding a child.  The Land of the Dead was completely inhabited by androids so there was no need for the comforts of home, no furniture except a table and chair.

The Hive was completely run by a computer...The Hive was the computer, Tech.  Beds were pulled out and made, food prepared, just ask Tech and it is yours, but Alisha wasn't sure that she wanted a child to live in this environment as she was becoming very dissatisfied with their social structure.  After speaking with Elizabeth she got back in the pod to return to her home.  As she is mulling over her decision she realizes that a huge storm has approached and bolts of lightning strike the rail and her pod goes flying to the earth below.

Hudson and his brother Brett were out scouting when the pod lands near them.  Inside is an utterly gorgeous sky woman with long amber hair and emerald green eyes.  There was a shortage of women in their society and the few there were shared with two to five men until the end of their childbearing years at which time she can choose who she wants to be with.  They needed to claim this beauty before anyone else had the opportunity!

I have to be honest.  I don't generally read sci-fi futuristic books.  But, I am so glad I read this book.  I am in awe of this writer's imagination and the tremendous depth of information she gives us to picture this post-apocalypse civilization.  The women survived with a discovered technology and the men who were able to survive the radiation used the earth's natural resources.  

The book is very well written and researched.  The characters whether human, android or Tech are fully developed and totally relatable.  You catch all the feels with this book.  Alisha's discontent of her way of life, but her fear of the unknown and dangers living on the surface and not high above the ground.

This is a reverse-harem steamy hot romance.  These men are possessive but don't take any of Alisha's attitude which she finds out with her sore bottom.  I highly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down until I read the last page.

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