Saturday, October 30, 2021


This is the second book in the Dilustro Arrangement trilogy and it doesn't disappoint!  Violetta was forced into marriage to Santino by a promise.  He may look like a god, but he was the devil and she was determined to not accept the old Italian ways.  There needed to be a change!

I loved this book even more than book one!  It is action-packed, full of danger, passion and suspense.  

Violetta had her life ripped from her, but now her wish to become a nurse seems like someone else's life.  I love Violetta's strength and determination to fight against the old Italian traditions that had no place in America.  

Santino just gives me chills...of the good kind.  His passion for Violetta burns up the pages of this book.  Their love is smoldering hot and erotic.  

This book leaves you with a violent cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what CD Reiss has for us in the final book of this trilogy!  Highly recommend this book and series!!!

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