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Baby was the top moneymaker at Serendipity where she has been a stripper since she was sixteen.  Nine years she has been working for the slimeball Mr. Riley and his evil wife, but the money was too good and she had plans for her life.  Mark, the head of security, has been like a father to her and makes sure to keep her boss from putting his slimy hands on her.

As Baby is slathering the glitter oil over her body is disdain while her boss tries to get her to wear a nude bodysuit provided by one of her regulars for his eyes only, she tries to ignore him as she tries to wipe off the disgusting oils from the locations she needs to hold onto the pole.  They are more interested in the money she brings in than the danger this oil can be on the pole.

When she is ready for the themed bachelor party dressed as a mermaid she notices the new security guy arrived in the private room with Mark.  He had insisted that he needed someone to watch over her when there were scheduling conflicts.  Although there were other bouncers watching the other dancers, Mark didn't trust anyone but himself in protecting Baby.  

Alec, Kas and CJ are best friends and closer than if they had been born actual brothers.  It has been their plan for years to go into business together and after going through many different ideas finally decided on a youth center with an after-school program.  With CJ being a social worker and Alec and Kas' family life it was the perfect fit.

When they thought they had found the perfect location, Alec who was a personal trainer and Kas an event planner both put in their notices.  Unfortunately, when the deal fell through their jobs had already been filled and they were now unemployed.

When Kas saw the advertisement for an event planner for a high-end strip club he figured what the heck?  It was a job and he only needed it for three months.  On his first day on the job, he overheard Mark wanting another bodyguard and suggested Alec for the job.  

CJ is taking business classes in preparation for starting their business when he meets Mia who helped him in avoiding a determined woman who wanted his attention.  As they started getting to know each other during their class project and showing his interest in dating Mia tells him that she is also seeing two other guys.

Imagine their shock when the best friends find out that the other men in her life are them.  All three of them.

I absolutely loved this book!  It is very well written and the storyline kept me enthralled from page one!  This book is action-packed from the beginning to the horrifying cliffhanger which will have you praying.  This reverse harem has darkness surrounding it with a dangerous stalker, more than one heartbreaking story of mistreatment by their families.  But there is tons of erotic passion between Mia and her boys.

Mia has a mother who hated and treated her like trash even before she left home and decided to be an exotic dancer.  She learned at an early age that her long brown hair and large brown eyes filled men's eyes with lust and she didn't see anything wrong with cashing in on it.

Alec, Kas and CJ couldn't be any different if they tried, but these gorgeous men had a bond that was unbreakable.  They were each other's chosen family and would do anything for each other even if they got on each other's nerves at times.  

Alec with his messy jet black hair and steel-gray eyes was cold and hostile to keep everyone at arm's length was a former personal trainer.  He learned early in life that you needed a strong body to fight back.  He wanted to provide the kids with an outlet for their rage with physical activities.

Kas with his blonde hair and blue eyes used humor as his barrier and told the worse jokes.  As an event planner, he was excited to put together events for both the kids and for family events.

CJ may look like he has the perfect family, but his scars are hidden deep.  His light brown hair, green eyes and cocky attitude might fool some, but he is having a harder and harder time dealing with the red-tape keeping him from protecting the kids coming across his desk.  

This book is an emotional rollercoaster.  You will laugh, you will feel anger, you will cry and you feel definitely feel the heat steaming through these pages.  As cliffhangers often do they sneak up and grab you by the throat and this one is no different.  My heart dropped.  I hate that the next book won't be released until next year, but I am highly looking forward to it!

I know some don't like cliffhanger books, but this book is movie-worthy and I highly recommend it!  These authors did an amazing job and I look forward to reading more books written by them in the future!

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