Tuesday, October 26, 2021

REVIEW - INCOGNITO by Charlene Namdhari

Seven years ago...

Trent was getting dressed and ready to take a weekend trip with his uncle to finalize the purchase of a restaurant which had been his dream for as long as he could remember.  He hated to leave his wife Krisha even for a few days as she was in her eighth month of pregnancy with their twins and had been put on bed rest due to complications, but his wife was determined he not pass up this opportunity and pushed him out the door saying she would be fine with his grandmother there with her.

As he was leaving the restaurant with his Uncle Drake as the new owner, he received the phone call he had been dreading.  Krisha had been rushed to the hospital.  She had gotten up to go to the bathroom and was in tremendous pain and bleeding.  When he arrived at the hospital he was told that he was the father of a boy and girl.  Before his happiness could set in he was told that his wife was in critical condition and didn't have much time.

Krisha had known that her having a live birth was dangerous and that having twins would most likely kill her, but she had been determined to give Trent the children he wanted.  Trent was angry and devastated that she had kept this information from him and then all her machines went crazy and he was pushed out of the hospital room.

Three and a half years ago...

Zayne may look like a prince, but he had the heart of the devil.  This assassin was determined to find out who had leaked out his name and location and when he found them they would pay with their life.

For the last three and a half years he had been at the hospital every day waiting for the gorgeous woman to come out of her coma.  He had no idea who she was but he felt compelled to watch over her after finding her beaten and chained to the wall as he went to inspect the cleanup of the building he had purchased for a nightclub.

But this trip to the hospital was different.  As he stepped off the elevators everything was in chaos.  Doctors and nurses were running to her room.  She had finally woken up.

Three and a half years ago she woke from a coma without any memory of her past.  When asked if she wanted to pick a name she immediately thought of the name Ashrika.  She has spent that time in a rehabilitation center under a psychologist's care as he tried to get her past her nightmares and her fear of leaving her room.  He finally told her to take one step at a time.  He wanted her to walk one hundred steps today and add steps every day before returning to her room until she was no longer scared.

She had reached over one thousand steps before she felt a panic attack coming.  She rushed into a nearby coffee shop hoping to calm down.  Until someone touched her hand asking if she needed help.  When she came to she found herself in the arms on an extremely handsome man.  Zayne, who she found out has been paying her hospital bills and taking care of her for the last seven years.  When he offered her his name until she could regain her memory she accepted as she felt safe in his presence.

Trent was in the diner waiting to meet the chef who he was told he needed to hire.  He was very skeptical that the chef would meet the standards for his Michelin 5 star restaurants, but he finally decided to check it out.  When the kitchen doors swung open Trent sat there in shock - he was looking at his dead wife!

This book is action-packed from beginning to end and full of suspense and intrigue.  The storyline and plot are unlike anything I've ever read and I was unable to put the book down until I had the answers to this mystery.  The characters are fully developed and very relatable.  The sexual chemistry is steamy hot and very erotic and not meant for young readers.

I started and ended this book bawling my eyes out.  Although we do get a HEA there is a lot of tragedy and heartache getting there.  This book has major twists and when you think you have an idea where this story is going you find another plot twist.  Amazing story that I highly recommend!!!

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