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Gregor wondered how much worse his day could get as he hung up the phone.  His assistant Susan was pregnant with twins but wasn't expected to go on maternity leave for months, but her doctor had put her on complete bedrest until their birth.  Leaving him without an assistant and not having time to have gone through the applicants. 

He didn't realize how much he depended on her until she wasn't around and now she gave him more bad news...she wasn't returning after the birth of her twins.  When he started his empire in Colorado Susan had first been working in shipping.  Her Daddies William and his best friend Kent worked in other departments.  He had noticed the growing relationship between the three employees during company get-togethers and was jealous.  It proved that two Doms could share a woman and it is what he wished for himself and his best friend and business partner Atticus. 

He was thirteen when they met at football summer camp.  As he pulled up the much smaller boy, he wondered how he had even gotten into the camp.  Besides his size, he had no football skills.  Gregor was already 6 ft and 180 pounds, but this kid was lucky to be 100 pounds soaking wet.  But to everyone's surprise, despite being annihilated over and over on the field he was the one who scored the touchdown that won them the championship 

20 years later they were partners in a huge conglomeration and looking for the perfect woman.

Claire had been wanting a fresh start, but she never thought it would be this way as she packed her mother's urn safely in her luggage.  Her last online date had a big part in her decision to finally start over.  The sexy pre-med student Calvin had turned out to be fat, bald and seventy and then her mother's health had taken a turn for the worst.  She couldn't imagine staying around so many memories.
She only has one more thing on her list...hand in her resignation and leave New England behind.  She worked for a satellite company of MBC a massive conglomerate out of Colorado.   She loved her job and she had a great boss, but she couldn't stand being here any longer.  She needed distance from all her pain.

But Blaze wouldn't accept her resignation...instead suggesting a transfer to the main office in Colorado as a personal assistant position that has just become available. 

Atticus was determined to pull his best friend Gregor out of his gloomy disposition and knew he was happiest when enjoying a submissive in his dungeon and the masquerade party was the perfect time for his surprise.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is the first menage written by Rogue London and she found the perfect balance with Gregor and Atticus.  These men could not be any further apart in personalities but their balance is perfect and they provide both the dominant and the nurturing that Claire craves.

This book is full of action and keeps you turning the pages as Claire realizes that the man she spent the most amazing night with after the masquerade party was her new boss.  I loved Gregor and his gruff personality, but Atticus will definitely keep you on your toes.

This book is action packed, full of danger and smoking hot chemistry along with spankings and BDSM elements.  Highly recommend!


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