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Lydia woke with a smile on her face.  She was still in shock that she was marrying such a gorgeous man today.  Cade was the foreman at his family-owned construction company and they had met on a charity build where her hearing-impaired students were on a school-to-work program putting their classroom skills to work in a real-life environment.

Her inexperience with men made her very insecure about a man like him being interested in her leading her to make some poor decisions.  Decisions that had put her life in danger.  Decisions that brought out the Daddy Dom in Cade as he showed her what happened to bad girls.  And although he annoyed her greatly with his dominating ways she was also turned on beyond measure.

I really enjoyed this book.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is part two of Lydia and Cade's story, but you are given enough background that although I suggest starting from the beginning of the series, it is not necessary to understand the couple's dynamic.

The storyline kept me turning the pages even though Lydia truly annoyed me.  She is an ASL teacher, but not hearing impaired herself.  She devoted her life to the hearing impaired because of an accident that took her twin sister's hearing.  She may teach high school students, but her temper tantrums are worse than the younger students she steps in to help.

Lydia finds herself in a very dangerous situation, although she is not to blame for the actions of the Senator, her own childish behavior, secrecy and outright lies did not do her any favors.  Cade definitely had his hands full trying to save Lydia from herself.

This book is action-packed, full of danger and has a heartwrenching storyline.  Cade is very dominant and if you aren't into books with spankings, then this is definitely not the book (or series) as these spankings aren't meant for pleasure, but are definitely to make a point and correct Lydia's behavior.

SIGNS OF COURAGE is book two of the LOVE SIGNS Series

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