Saturday, December 3, 2022


Antonia was not over her temper tantrum.  Alex had been gone for almost two weeks on a business trip and it wasn't like he left on good terms since she had been a total brat trying to gain his full attention instead of letting him pack for the trip.

He and Johnathan were in Asia for a merger and although she knew it was important and even though Simone had also been left behind she was busy at her boutique.  Alex's resort here is Tahiti was filling up with people who wanted to escape the cold weather to enjoy the Christmas holidays in a tropical island.

It was only a week before Christmas and not only was Alex not here, but her wish was for a secluded cabin blanketed in snow without any cell coverage.  So if the only way to get her Daddy's attention was to have a temper tantrum...a temper tantrum it is.

I loved getting to revisit Alex and Antonia from Daddy's Stowaway, book one of the Traveling Brats series.  Although this is a short story, it is full of emotion and you are given enough backstory to understand this couple and their dynamics.

It is very well written and as always Rogue's characters are fully developed and relatable.  Antonia has major feelings of not being enough and her insecurities always lead to her doing things that become harmful to her safety.  Her history as a thief and drug mule makes her feel unworthy of the gorgeous billionaire who has everything he could ever want.  Why would he want her?

This book is full of spankings so if that's not your jam, you might want to pass.  Want me of Alex and Antonia?  Check out Daddy's Stowaway for their love story!  I love how Rogue pulls together all the couples in the Traveling Brats series and introduces us to the characters in her upcoming book in The More the Merrier anthology.

Highly recommend!

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