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Piper Riordan was finally back to work after being shot and almost dying three months ago while attending her best friend Shay's wedding.  If she hadn't adjusted her position, Shay's psychotic ex-boyfriend would have accomplished what he set out to do.  Kill everyone who mattered to Shay.

Only now she just couldn't find her past vivacious self and turns down another after work night of dancing.  It didn't help that coming back had been brutal.  Her boss didn't care that she had missed work because of a gunshot wound that nearly killed her.  No she has had no time off and now her boss is expecting her to work a second shift despite her being bone tired.  

She was so over her was time to make a change and with her mother gone there was nothing to keep her from going anywhere she wanted.  Now that Shay was no longer in hiding it was time to move closer to her best friend.

Cullen Tate was just leaving the operating room when he was flagged down by a woman from public relations about a fundraiser she was following up on.  He looked at her in shock when she told him it was a bachelor auction and decided he would kill his assistant for telling the bubbly woman his schedule was free.  When she pointed out is was for the women's crisis center sheriff Davidson's wife and sister-in-law started he groaned and knew he couldn't back out.

Cullen was a trauma surgeon and the county coroner and rarely dated because the women were only interested in his money and status and bored him to death with inane conversation.  Piper is a pharmacy tech determined to loosen up the gorgeous doctor, but things become dangerous when she starts seeing discrepancies in pharmacy records.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  I am in love with this series and living in the Smoky Mountains makes these books even more special.  Although all of the books have their own story and HEA I would definitely suggest you read the series from book one.  The characters in this small town are all recurring and their stories intersect.  

This book is action-packed, full of suspense, intrigue and danger and smoking hot chemistry.  Ashley A Quinn has written an amazing series full of drama and suspense.  Criminal Minds with a sexy romance.  Highly recommend!  Can't wait for the next book in the series!


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