Sunday, December 11, 2022


Jake Maxwell was headed for the bar for a much needed drink bar hoping none of the crowd stopped him.  He needed a beer after his brutal day.  Usually, his job as a detective was a welcome challenge but today a robbery had gone very wrong when a strung-up teen stabbed an eleven-year-old boy trying to protect his mom.  The boy was now in intensive care from the life-threatening wound.

His job didn't usually get to him except when the case involved kids and having to work this case alone made it much worse as his partner Tristan was on paternity leave.  As he is sitting at a back table hoping to avoid anyone he knows he sees a new waitress at the next table.  He would definitely have remembered seeing her before although there was something about her face that reminded him of someone.

When she spoke he instantly recognized her husky voice as one of the women he had interviewed in the baby trafficking case.  Women were being kidnapped, impregnated and killed after the birth of the babies which were being sold.  If the horror of the case wasn't enough his partner's wife had been kidnapped not because she had witnessed a murder but it was even more twisted when they realized that the ER doctor who had tended her after her dangerous trek in the woods was the one behind everything.
When he sees one of the drunk patrons pull the waitress into his lap and start to maul her he sees red.

Shay Britton hates that the Detective saw what happened.   It just reminded her how much she hated working at the bar where she was groped and harassed every night but if she had another choice she wouldn't be there, but she needed the huge tips she received.
She could feel the detective's eyes watching as she served her other customers.   She wished he'd leave.  She didn't need him looking into her life.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  The characters are recurring and although each book has its conclusion and HEA I suggest you start the series from book one so get the full back story of these characters and this small town.

This book is action-packed, full of danger, intrigue and suspense as Shay's worst nightmare come true.  When Jake convinced Shay to fight for her future she has a hard time resisting the sexy detective.  Another smoking hot romance.  Highly recommend!


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