Sunday, December 11, 2022


Gemma Mabley shared a house with her brother Tristan as their parents traveled enjoying their retirement.  It didn't make sense to stay anywhere else since they still had to oversee their parents' home, but as she furiously plants the remaining flowers pretending it was her brother's face each time she stabbed the trowel into the earth, proves it isn't always such a wonderful situation.

She was twenty-eight and her overprotective brother had sabotaged four relationships in the past year...

Her ex-military, detective brother was great at intimidating them and if the stare didn't work the interrogation tactics had them running.  But her brother contended that if the man was worthy of her he wouldn't run.

But her anger disappeared as he hurried out of the house with badge and gun at his waist as a murder victim had been found.  He may frustrate her no end, but she hated when was in the line of fire and didn't know what she would do without him.

Special Agent Ben Davidson was with the local sheriff waiting as the medical examiner gathered his supplies before checking out the body which was found in a field.  He had a sinking feeling it was the work of a serial killer he had been tracking and had the beginnings of a headache as he prepared for the gruesome sight he expects to see.  

The killer had left clean crime scenes in the four previous murders leaving him little clues in the last year and he was trying not to show his impatience as he waited for the Sheriff's detective to arrive.  He always tried working with local authorities, but he needed to know if this was his killer.

He turned in surprise when he heard someone call "Major Davidson", a name he hadn't been called in years.  Captain Mabley was approaching him.  Ben had been the commanding officer in their Ranger unit and Tristan had been his second-in-command.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book is full of action and grabs you immediately.  It is full of suspense and danger as Ben tries to chase down a killer before he strikes again.  

This book is steamy hot and Tristan realizes he may not have made the right decision when he invited his old commander to stay with him and Gemma while they search for a killer when he sees sparks start flying.  Highly recommend!


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