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Rory first met Lola at his cousin Cade and her sister Lydia's wedding.  He was surprised about his deep attraction for the Maid of Honor as he usually went for leggy blondes and Lola was a tiny brunette with mesmerizing green eyes...and Lydia's identical twin.  But, unlike Lydia, Lola is deaf from an early childhood illness.

But no matter what he did she avoided him the whole wedding weekend and he had finally had enough.  So when the DJ announced the last song at the wedding reception he grabbed her hand and headed for the dance floor.

This is book three of the Love Signs series and although they could each be read a standalone novels I would suggest you start with book one to get a better feel for these characters that are recurring throughout the series.

Signs of Hope is the introduction of Rory and Lola's romance, but it really is a three for one story.  Cade and Lydia's story continues and although there have been mentions throughout books one and two about Cade's brother's romance with Lydia's best friend and fellow ASL teacher Sarah, they get as much space as Rory and Lola in this story.

This book is action-packed and full of danger.  This book, the complete series actually, is full of spankings so be warned if this is not your cup of tea.  The storyline and the characters are very engaging.  Highly recommend.

SIGNS OF HOPE is book three of the LOVE SIGNS Series

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