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REVIEW - RELENTLESS by Shelby Gunter

Lizzy tries to get in a more comfortable position and groans at the massive pain in her abdomen. Trying to ignore the pain she blinks her eyes open to see Issac sitting next to her bed. She looks at him in confusion. The medical equipment surrounding her lets her know she's in the hospital, but doesn't explain why the man who gets on her last nerve is sitting by her bed.

Her last memory was of sneaking through the underground tunnels into Yuri Solokov's mansion with Dax and Hailey to rescue Katya. Hailey had insisted they try to rescue her despite the billionaire scumbag she had as a brother.

They were hoping to find Katya at the mansion, but most importantly find the clues needed to tie the bratva leader to the human trafficking ring they were trying to take down. But before they could find any clues, Hailey found a very young woman bolted to the wall inside the closet of the master suite. Hailey had just gotten her to the exit to safety when Yuri caught them and had them brought to his office. 

Then he drops the bomb...Hailey was his daughter. When he found out that Lizzy, known as Lizard by her friends, was the one responsible for keeping Hailey hidden from him all these years, he pulled out his gun and shot her in the abdomen. Just missing vital organs.

It had been two horrible days since Lizzy's surgery and only the beeps from all the machines assured him that she was alive. Two days of waiting for her to open her eyes and make a snarky comment about him being there. When she finally opens her eyes everything is right in his world. He had never felt so helpless as he listened through the comms and heard Hailey scream out Lizzy's name. 

Isaac had been in Istanbul with his SEAL team when a bomb took out their safe house. He and Dax had woken at the same time when they heard a click and he was just in time to cover Dax with his body. A move that had saved Dax's life, but had inflicted major damage to his spinal cord leaving him in a wheelchair. 

Lizzy has been hostile towards him since the first time they met mainly because he wouldn't share the hacking program he designed to find out anything about anyone with her. She was just so determined to find out he did it and livid he wouldn't share that he got too much pleasure not answering her questions. 

So he knew she was going to be livid when she found out he told the hospital staff that she was his live-in fiance and his home was designed specifically for him to accommodate his wheelchair and he knew firsthand what was needed for a full recovery from a life-threatening injury.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although this book has its own HEA and can be read as a standalone novel, reading the series from book one will give you a full background of the underlining plot of the Shadow Society trying to take down a human trafficking ring.

The characters throughout are recurring and actively part of each story and you will fall in love with all of these secondary characters. 

Lizzy has always held everyone, even the women in the Shadow Society, at arm's length. After her waking up when she was five to find her murdered mother in bed with her and moving from one foster care family to another, trust doesn't come easy. Isaac was no longer able to return to his life as a SEAL but found another way to use his hacking skills to take down the bad guys. 

I love how this author breaks through Lizzy's hard shell and Isaac's insecurities about being a paraplegic. The series plot will keep you turning the pages as everything slowly unravels leading them to the monster behind the human trafficking ring. Lizzy and Isaac get their HEA, but we are left with a cliffhanger when Lizzy finds the shocking name behind the money.

This book is action-packed from page one. There are surprising twists as the story unravels and is full of danger, intrigue and suspense. It is smoking hot, but for those with triggers, this book is full of violence and revolves around human trafficking and prostitution.

Highly recommend this book and series!

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