Tuesday, June 27, 2023

REVIEW - TEMPT ME by Tara Wyatt

He is sitting in the confessional and just as he has done for the last ten years he doesn't believe the Father when told that he is worthy and deserving of forgiveness.

Killian's father was the head of the Irish mob that controlled most of Boston and at the age of eighteen, he pledged himself to the Southies and became their Enforcer. Killing calmed the devil inside. His father first commented about his wildness when he pummeled the boy bullying his brother - he was only eight at the time.

He still recalls the bus ride from Boston to NYC ten years ago...trying to hide in the shadows hoping that no one could see the spatter of blood still on his hands. An impossible feat for a man well over 6 feet covered in tattoos. He was exhausted but needed to stay alert until he found the man whose name and address were on the slip of paper his father slipped him before he died. Lucian Prescott KOHK. He prayed his father was correct and he could help him because he had nowhere else to go.

He closes his eyes only to see the faces of his dad, his brother and the six men he had killed. The Charlestown Gang had staged a coup and had held him prisoner torturing him for days after Frank Dunleavy forced him to watch as he put a bullet in the heads of both his father and brother. But when they realized that their torture wasn't going to gain the information they wanted they tried to slit his throat. But the devil within rose up and he killed all six of them with his bare hands before escaping the cold warehouse.

He was their enforcer and he had failed. Failed to protect his own family. Now he needed to protect Whitney a woman he had tried his best to avoid for the last three years. He was mesmerized the moment he set eyes on her while guarding over Lucien's girlfriend Olivia and her three girlfriends. After the Italians had kidnapped Olivia last year Lucien was taking no chances with her safety. Even though he owned the club they were at.

Because despite the Father's words Killian couldn't bring his darkness into the life of someone so vibrant and innocent of the ways of his world. She is too distracting at a time he needed to be on full alert and he was too old, too damaged and violent.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although this is book one of the Kings of Hell's Kitchen series the secondary characters are from The Prescotts Series. 

Whitney isn't afraid to put herself out there and go after what she wants, but no matter how much she flirts Killian doesn't fall for the bait. To the point that she wonders if she is imagining the chemistry between them. But when Killian is forced to protect her she finds out just how wrong she was about his disinterest.

I love Whitney. She is a successful woman with a wonderful sense of humor and her friendship with Olivia, Kate and Nicole is the type of friends that everyone needs.  But, Killian...this man has been a part of the mob since birth and enjoys killing. But his search for salvation and all his insecurities make this gorgeous gruff man very loveable.

This book is action-packed, full of intrigue and danger with surprising twists and smoking hot. I feel for the couch...I can't stop laughing. 

If you haven't read Tara Wyatt I highly recommend that you do. Her storylines are full of suspense with strong women and damaged men and their stories will steam up your Kindle. Can't wait to read the rest of this series!

TEMPT ME is book one of the KINGS OF HELL'S KITCHEN Series

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