Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Saving Cate by Ellie Masters
Series: The One I Want #3
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 21, 2021


True love isn’t about falling in love. Sometimes it’s about letting go…

Caleb broke what should never have been broken. He made a mistake and walked away from his soulmate to join the Marines and become the man she deserves. Now grief has stolen Cate's smiles. He did that. He destroyed her happiness.

When he returns as a Delta Force Operative, the elite of the elite, he’s not prepared for the woman she’s become, or how her feelings for him have changed. She’s smart, feisty, fiercely independent, and hates his guts.

A blizzard, a mountain rescue, and an overly affectionate dog will unite them. They’ll have to work together to survive, but she doesn't want him to stay.

If she won’t accept they’re meant to be together, she’s in for a fight because he’s never giving up.

Will Caleb and Cate rekindle their lost love? Or is this the end?

Rescuing Cate is a steamy, second chance, contemporary romantic suspense, about love at first sight. It features a protective hero and the smart, feisty heroine who steals his heart. If you believe in true love and soulmates, this story is your happily ever after.

Get your copy today and let the binge-reading begin.

(Rescuing Cate was previously published as Caleb.)



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He takes a step toward me.

I shift back.

“You’re not running from this.” The muscles of his jaw bunch, and he gives a slow shake of his head.

“Caleb …”

“You’re more beautiful than freshly fallen snow.”

I hold out a hand, trying to stave him off, and take another step back.

He steps toward me. “You’re mesmerizing like a spring rain and more vibrant than the flowers poking up through the snow. You’re wild like fall leaves blowing with wintery gusts. You’re my eternal summer, my endless fall, the warm embrace of winter, with all the hopes of spring to carry me through. You can’t run from this. You can’t run from us.”

I stare at him, defiant and afraid. He isn’t letting this go.

Our gazes lock in a silent battle while he advances and I retreat. A war rages between us until tears rise in my eyes when I can no longer deny the truth.

“Why did you have to come back? Why couldn’t you stay away?” Tears roll down my cheeks as he heaves a deep sigh.

We stand for a moment, simply feeling each other’s presence.

For what seems an eternity, I feel the beating of my heart. It wants to run to him, but I hold it back.

Not exactly sure when he moves, or how he crosses the remaining space between us, I gasp as he grabs my arm. My heart skips a beat, and I try to yank free.

He cups my chin and backs me against the heavy front door. There’s nowhere to run, not that I would.

He forces me to look at him, to breathe him in, and absorb every detail, every nuance of his expression. In him, I see the boy who grew into a powerful man. His determined stare, blue eyes blown out by the dark depths of his lust, and the hitch in his breath, tells me everything I need to know.

He loves me too.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


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Ellie writes the kind of heart-stopping, pulse-pounding, can't-stop-reading romance filled with all your sexy, swoon-worthy, alpha men. They have to be, because the heroines Ellie writes are strong women with take charge attitudes.

International, bestselling, multi-genre author, Ellie writes the stories she loves to read. Dark romance lover? Sweet contemporary romance? How about a romantic suspense to whet your appetite? Ellie writes it all. Don't wait any longer, your next book boyfriend is waiting for you.

Born in the South, raised under the Hawaiian sun, Ellie has traveled the globe while in service to her country. The love of her life, her amazing husband, is her number one fan and biggest supporter. And yes! He's read every word she's written.

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