Thursday, September 30, 2021


Sam Callahan just arrived in this small Kansas town and after getting his stallion, Thunderbolt, bedded down went to find a hotel room, a bathhouse and food.  As soon as he finished the wonderful steak dinner he headed to the saloon for a pint of beer and to check out the saloon girls.

As he is drinking his beer a nosy man named Flint was in his face wanting to know why he was in town and to warn him that the foreman job at the Circle C Ranch was going to be his and if he was there to apply then he could head back out of town.

Little did he know that Sam had no plans to stay in town as he was on the hunt for a previous Texas Ranger brother named Brent.  After Sam stopped him from raping an Indian squaw and pummelled his face in, Brent was discharged and made it known that he would get revenge.  Sam wanted to find him before he caused any more harm to an unwilling woman.  Indian or not, he didn't abide by rape.

From what he gathered Flint managed to get most of the men who worked at the Circle C Ranch to quit after the old man died and left the ranch to his daughter, Eleanor, telling them they shouldn't be taking orders from a woman.  But, Flint really wanted everyone gone so he could get the foreman job and marry Eleanor to get complete control of the ranch.

Flint is determined to marry Eleanor or even her niece, Louise, to get hold of that ranch and Brent is going to help him.  But Brent warns Flint to stay away from Sam that he was too dangerous and Brent would take care of him himself.

But Flint isn't the only one wanting that ranch.  Corbin Maxwell is the richest man around and he had been offering to marry Eleanor for years and her father told him it was up to Eleanor, knowing that all he wanted was the ranch and that Eleanor was having nothing to do with him.

Louise's, "Lou" to everyone who knew her, parents died when she was a young girl and she was raised and let run wild by her aunt and grandfather.  Eleanor was determined that her wild ways were ending now.  It was well past time for her to wear dresses and not the men's pants that were way too revealing of her curves.

After visiting her parents and grandfather's grave she decided to race across the prairie like she used to do with her grandfather.  He had only passed away a few months ago and she missed him terribly.  So she drops herself low on her horse, BJ's back, and starts flying across the ground.  

Sam has just stopped to water his horse at the stream and fill his canteen before leaving town when he sees a horse racing by way too fast.  He takes off after the idiot lad who is racing and pushing the horse too hard.

When Sam catches up and grabs the reins bringing the horse and rider to a stop he is astounded that the foul-mouthed lad is actually a young woman.  Well, he will teach her to mistreat her horse and pulls her over his lap and spanks the daylights out of her.  Maybe with a sore rear end, she'll think twice about her language and treatment of her horse.

When he insists on making sure she made it home safely, Lou is dismayed when her aunt not only hires him to be the ranch foreman but to make sure that Lou stopped putting herself in danger running wild when men would do anything to get their ranch, even use Lou as leverage to get Eleanor to sell.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and I could see the story in graphic detail while reading.  Think of a John Wayne or even better Clint Eastwood movie.  I can see both of them as Sam and taking Lou in hand.  All of the characters are fully developed and relatable.  

I loved Lou!  She is a tomboy from top to bottom and determined that no man will tell her what to do.  And Sam vows he is the man to get this wildcat under control before she harms herself with her impulsive actions.  The chemistry between these two is sizzling and the more Lou fights back the hotter it gets.

The story is action-packed from start to finish.  We have all you could ask for in a story based in the 1880s - you have a young woman determined to turn her nose up to turning into a lady, a woman trying to defend her property from men who think a woman shouldn't own any, murder, and everything else a western should be.  And of course, the hero who rides into town and saves the day - even if it's the last thing he intended to do.

I highly recommend this book!  

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