Sunday, September 26, 2021

REVIEW - TINDER B@NG by Tamsyn Bester & Robin Ash

Kalon looked forward to his Friday golf outings.  He didn't get to see his friends often anymore since retiring because they were still working.  He had worked very hard to be able to retire early and to be able to enjoy life and his money before he got too old to enjoy it.

But, today everything is getting on his last nerve.  The club piranhas were looking at him like he was their last meal ticket.  He didn't know why he was all of the sudden their focus - he was very good at avoiding the gold diggers looking for their next husband.

And then the woman at the dry-cleaners wouldn't look him in the eye.  Did have an offensive odor?  When he finally gets home and takes a much-needed shower, he lays on the couch to watch tv and ending up falling asleep.

Until his twenty-year-old triplets banged in the apartment laughing and kidding around.  They were worse than toddlers.  Maybe if he pretended to be asleep they would leave him alone.  And then he hears them snickering and saying that they couldn't believe he was getting more right swipes than they were - whatever that meant.  When he hears the word stepmom he starts paying attention...

He is going to kill his kids!!!  They signed him up on Tinder without his knowledge.  No wonder he was the focus of all the women at the clubhouse!

Channing had had about enough of Tinder and was getting ready to delete her account.  If she received another unsolicited d*ck pick she was going to scream.  And that didn't count the losers that she had gone out with.

So she is left swiping away when she accidentally swipes right on a profile and Tinder says she has a match.  His photos are all from a distance like he was unaware that he was being photographed so she starts chatting with him for a few days, but then his responses change in nature.  What's with that?

Channing works with her best friend and wedding dress designer, Oakley.  When she arrives to work, Oakley tells her that they have triplets coming in today to be fitted for a dress and tuxedos for their twenty-first birthday and asked if Channing would handle the measurements of the two boys and father and Oakley would work with the daughter.

When they arrive it is so weird how the father and his children just stop dead and stared at her.  She knows she's never met them before although the father does seem familiar.

As she's fitting the sons, who act more like children with all their snickering, she can't figure out why the daughter, Tala, and her brother's Fallon and Lycan seem to be carrying on some type of triplet communication conversation while looking at her.  And the father keeps looking at her weirdly.

When she gets to the father's measurements, she has to take his inseam measurement several times because WTF?  She pulls Oakley aside and tells her that she's going to need 2 dildos taped to their mannequin they've named Ken because the father was packing.  There was no way her measurements could be right.  

And then she realizes why he seems so familiar.  He is her Tinder match and obviously, he and the children recognized her as soon as they arrived in the boutique.

Do not read this book in public!  It is laugh-out-loud hilarious!  Tala, Fallon, and Lycan are a riot and Kalon is just short of committing murder of his children.  This book is action-packed from beginning to end!

And!  When Channing first sees what's under Kalon's suits she is speechless.  Who would have thought that this man would be covered in tattoos and have his nipples pierced?  He may be 45, but this was one hot daddy!

Highly highly recommend this book and series!  Oakley and Sebastian from Uber G#sm are a big part of this story with Oakley and Holland being Channing's best friends.  This book is funny, smoking hot and has a big b@ng at the end!

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