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Ty has just snuck into the back of the courtroom and thankfully none of the reporters has noticed.  Today is the day that the judge will deliver her decision on the frat hazing death.  The courtroom is filled with reporters and cameras because his mother insisted the trial be televised hoping to garner sympathy.

But, she's not his mother and he's not his brother.  She is the woman who had an affair and in order to keep her rich husband signed him away to his father at birth.  He is only with her now because his dad died when he was thirteen and she oversees his trust.  He just has a year and a half before he has full control.

As his half-brother's sentence is brought down he watches as the victim's mother and sister fall apart on the other side of the courtroom.  He makes a promise to himself that he will make some of this right for Dylan's family.

Until the full release of his trust, the only funds he can withdraw are for his college expenses, so he sets up a scholarship fund for Dylan's sister Phoebe and files for grants to pay for his own college degree. 

His chosen brothers, Knox, Whit and Booker, warned him to stay away from her.  That no good could come from seeing her, but he needs to make sure that she arrived at Bainbridge University.  As he watches her from a distance, Gabriel pulls him aside and says he is calling in his favor for helping Ty pass a course.

When he agrees and finds himself following Gabe to the fountain where Phoebe is waiting he knows he's getting ready to be screwed.  How is he going to keep his distance from this gorgeous girl with long brown hair and wide gray-blue eyes?  And how can he keep his secret from her?

Phoebe is about to give up on her tour guide of the college when he arrives with the most beautiful man she's ever seen.  He's tall and lean with nearly black hair and gorgeous blue eyes and tattoos down his left arm.  Gabe asks if she minds having Ty replace him as her tour guide as they are understaffed today and he has another group to show around.

Ty may be gorgeous, but did he have to be so rude about having to show her around?  Luckily, he is an English major and not in the Arts program so she won't be running into him if she can help it.  Until her work schedule conflicts with one of her classes and she has to transfer to a Jane Austen course.  She is way over her head in this senior-level class and signs up to be tutored.  

When she arrives for tutoring she is horrified that the rude Ty is the English tutor.  Neither of them is happy with the situation and as much as she would love to walk away, she needs to pass this class to keep her scholarship.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are amazing!  Andi Burns drew me into this story from page one and I couldn't put it down.  It is action-packed from beginning to end and the suspense kept me turning the page because you know there is going to be a major explosion when Phoebe finds out what Ty is keeping from her.

This book is very in depth and we get to know Ty's and Phoebe's friends intimately and I felt part of their story.  This book brings out all the emotions - anger and rage at Brett and his mother, heartbreak when Phoebe learns the truth, chills at the steamy erotic relationship between Ty and Phoebe, kinship with Ty and Phoebe's friends.

I love how the Jane Austen books reflect their life and the moment when Phoebe realizes that Ty is her Mr. Darcy.  I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read the rest of this series!

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