Monday, September 27, 2021

REVIEW - BUMBLE F*CK by Tamsyn Bester & Robin Ash

Shea is a Physiotherapist at Tarrytown Women's Health Center.  Lilac scrubs and red hair are a definite no-no, but that's not the worst of Shea's issues.  Marge in PR screwed up his medical exchange visa assuming that Shea was female.  

So until his gender status can be rectified, something Marge seems to be in no hurry to do since she hates him and all humankind, he has five months to figure how to keep from being deported back to Ireland.  He will do anything to keep that from happening even marrying an American stranger to get a spousal visa.

And did you get the part where he is the ONLY male in a women's health center?  He is frustrated to begin with but when one of the workers who thinks his name is pronounced SHEEE shows up at his door with a patient saying since he is free can he see her instead of scheduling an appointment, his Irish temper blows.

And of course, that leads the demon Marge to corner him later in the day saying he is being sent to see Holland two times a week until he can get a handle on his anger issues or she will make sure that he is deported immediately.  He cannot believe that he is being sent to the purple-haired head doctor upstairs.

Holland usually stays out of Marge's way, but she can't understand what she has done to the woman to be saddled with this cocky Irish doctor.  She couldn't find another Psychologist to send this annoying man to?

I loved this book!  It did take me a while to get used to Shea thinking and speaking about himself in the third person.  The 'we' and 'our' were confusing to me at first, but Shea is so very annoyingly funny that I got over it.

Shea and Holland butt heads from the beginning and once Shea got over the fact that he had to see a head doctor to begin with he took utter joy in making Holland lose her temper.  He loved seeing her feisty.

This is a wonderful hilarious smoking hot book!  The characters are highly relatable and the storyline kept me turning the pages.  Highly recommend this book and the complete App Series!

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