Wednesday, September 29, 2021

REVIEW - SURRENDER by Eden Bradley

Devin can't believe that she let her best friend Kimmie talk her into coming to Fetish Night at Club X one of the hottest dance clubs in San Francisco.  The Ring was the loft section of Club X and every Friday night wicked and unusual things happened as newbies could get a safe taste into the BDSM world.  

Why did she agree?  Her heart was pounding louder than the music.  She never expected to like it and needed to get closer to where the hundreds of party-goers were leaning against the sturdy railing looking into the Ring.  

Chains and leather cuffs streamed from the ceiling.   Against a back wall, there are three St. Andrew's Crosses with 2 women and a man strapped onto them.  The man is being whipped by a redhead vixen, but she was more interested in the women.  She cannot believe how turned on as she was watching them getting paddled. 

When the women were taken off the crosses they were sat down with blankets and something to drink.  She couldn't get over her fascination, and when one of the men turned around she gasped.  He was perfectly gorgeous with short dark spiky hair tipped with blond from the outdoors.  His close-shaved goatee gave him a devilish look especially when he turned around and gave the crowd a wink and a smirk.

He pulled his shirt over his head showing off his broad shoulders and pecs and very defined sixpack abs and bent down to retrieve a few things from the floor to set up for the next volunteer.  As he is scanning the crowd she feels him focus directly on her.  He is unbelievably sexy and graceful despite his size and muscular build as he moves towards her.  And his hazel eyes burn into her when he asks her to come and play with him.

Shaye is a professional dominant working at Club X.  No sex. No nudity. Just giving the party-goers a taste of the life.  He has never had a problem keeping a professional distance until he looks into the green eyes of this auburn-haired beauty.

I absolutely loved this book!  It is so well written that I felt the pounding of the music and Devin's excitement through the pages.  I love Devin and Shaye.  Their sexual chemistry sizzles from the moment they lay eyes on each other.  This book is steamy hot from cover to cover! 

The storyline is very interesting with Devin being introduced into the BDSM culture and Shaye having to overcome issues from his childhood.  Highly recommend this book!

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