Friday, September 24, 2021


Enslaved by Magic has been retitled MASTERING AMARI!

She was exhausted, hungry and cold but she kept fighting her way up the mountain path.  She was told to take this path up the mountain for some magical solution to save her family from ruin.

Before she knows it hours have passed and she's not moving.  It's too dark to see even a few feet in front of her and then she sees a light up ahead.

There is a cottage hidden.  Is this where she is supposed to go?  A handsome man with dark hair and eyes answered the door, but his beauty disappeared when he sneered at her.

He brought out a jewelry encrusted bottle that seemed to have a glowing sheen.  She had to sign a contract and agreed to do anything to help her family and he agreed he would heal her family's sickness and they would have all the money they would need.

In order to be free of her contract, she just had to grant her owner three wishes, but she was at their mercy and anything they required her to do that could be done without magic would not be considered a wish and she would be compelled by the magic in the bottle to comply no matter how much she wanted to refuse.

Once the contract was sealed with both her and his blood began to feel woozy and found herself trapped in her new prison...the gorgeous encrusted bottle and realized that she had fallen into his trap.

The man stroked the bottle where he had imprisoned Amari and he hoped would give her many lives of servitude and he would ensure that her buyer was given a dire warning not to make his third wish.

He tells the owner to only make two wishes and then pass the bottle on to someone else.  He tells the owner that making a third wish will release her from her servitude and that releasing always meant revenge on the one who released them.  

Luke had a degree in art history.  Besides working several odd jobs tutoring at a local community college and being a waiter, he loved going to estate sales to add to his online business' inventory.

When he pulls into an estate sale that is way off the beaten track with no other cars around he wonders if he is at the right place when the door opens and a woman excitedly greets him.  He has been their only visitor and she gives him free access to snoop around.

Luckily, he rents his house from his aunt and uncle and is hoping to be able to float his next month's rent as he has found a good stash of items he hopes he can afford.  Before leaving he checks the attic and finds a locked metal box that he can't get opened.

When he inquires about the price he is told ten dollars and he takes the chance just to find out what was so important to have in under lock and key.  When he gets home he breaks the lock and finds an old bottle which he swears is encrusted with real jewels.

So he gets out a rag and starts to clean it up.  When he wipes the last bit of dirt away a gorgeous woman appears in front of him.  She may have dark eyes and long black hair, but she is insane if she thinks he will believe that she came out of that bottle and was there to give him three wishes. 

But how did she appear in front of him without him seeing her enter the room?

This book is hilarious!  It is very well written and the characters are very relatable.  It is written from both POV.  I absolutely loved the modern version of the retelling of a genie in the bottle.

Amari is determined to finally after centuries to be released from servitude.  She tries everything underhanded as she can get away with due to the restrictions on obeying everything she is told to do.

Luke is having a hard time resisting Amari's seductive overtures.  He is highly attracted to her and no matter how much he wants to have a relationship with her he knows that she has no option but the submit to his wishes because of the bottle.

He is determined not to take advantage of her because she has no free will and it is even harder since he is a Dom by nature and he wants a submission, not a slave.

This book kept my attention from the beginning of the book.  The storyline was fascinating and it was hilarious, sad, heartbreaking and smoking hot at the same time.

Amari and Luke get their HEA, but there is a major twist at the end of the book that I did not see coming.  I highly recommend this book!


  1. Thank you so much for the review I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    I did want to let you know that the publisher pulled it a few days after release to rename it and give it a new cover. Unfortunately if you rename a book Amazon makes you relist it so it made it hard for people to find the book. But it's now called Mastering Amari and you can find it here: