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Antonia Bloom was stalking people at the airport in Detroit hoping someone would be clueless if she lifted their ticket so she could leave this city behind.  Better yet some cash.

And then a gorgeous man passes by giving her a smirk.  He was gorgeous from his head to his shoes which probably cost more than her rent for the last year.  He had mesmerizing amber eyes and dark hair and you could see that he had clearly defined muscles even through his dress shirt...and those biceps!   

That's when she notices his boarding pass peeking out from the overcoat pocket hanging from his arm.  When he stops to speak to a couple of flight attendants she takes advantage of the opportunity and trips and drops her bag.  When he kneels to help her gather her belongings she easily relieves him of his ticket without anyone's notice.

She quickly finds the nearest restroom and locks the stall door behind her.  She opens the envelope and finds that she not only scored a first-class ticket, but it was to Tahiti!!!  She was nervous as she handed over the ticket and her ID, but had no problems getting onboard on taking her seat.

She ordered a drink and slugged it back to calm her nerves until she realized that the man whose ticket she had stolen had just boarded the plane.  And when he sat in the seat next to her and whispered in her ear that he punished naughty girls who stole airline tickets from him her blood turned cold.

Alexander Savage had been watching Antonia for some time before gaining her notice.  She had thief and desperation written all over her if you knew the signs.  He had grown up in the airline business and had spent many years watching and learning what to look for from his dad.  Unfortunately, his dad passed away unexpectedly leaving him his airline far too young.

Although Antonia's clothing was threadbare it didn't take away from her gorgeous body.  At twenty-eight he has traveled the world and slept with too many women to count, but this young woman with her blonde hair and green eyes spoke to him in a way none other ever had.

When he saw her running away with her prize his inner Daddy Dom was celebrating.  He couldn't wait to get his hands on her because she definitely needed a daddy to keep her in line and out of trouble.  It was obvious she had never flown before and didn't know you couldn't use someone else's ticket, but he was going to enjoy playing the wronged victim and delving out her punishment. 

I absolutely loved this book!  After reading Rogue's Brat Series I thought I knew what to expect from this writer, but I was so wrong!  This book far exceeded my expectations!

The book is very well written and it draws you into the story from page one.  The characters are so relatable I felt like I was following them around the airport.  Antonia had a truly horrifying and tragic past and had a hard time not only trusting Alexander but didn't feel worthy of his attention and love.  

Alexander is a true Daddy Dom in that he is a protector and his determination to gain vengeance on Antonia's past treatment was very emotional for me.  To have someone that loves you so much they will do whatever it takes to protect you, even from your past, is the perfect mate in my opinion. 

I love how the storyline pulled together.  You know that Antonia is running, but it isn't until later that you learn exactly how bad things had turned out for her.  Alexander is not only a gorgeous alpha male, but he immediately gains the information he needs from Antonia without her even realizing what he had done.  And as a true protector, he does what is needed to keep Antonia safe.

The chemistry between Antonia and Alexander is smoldering hot from the beginning although she is more concerned initially that she is going to jail for her crimes.  She is shocked with what Alexander's punishment entails, but even more shocked that she loves her punishment.

I absolutely loved the Easter egg that Rogue dropped us in the story!  This book is action-packed and full of suspense and danger.  If you like Daddy Dom kink then you will absolutely love this book because Alexander is the full package!

I highly recommend this book and if you haven't read Rogue's Brat series it is also a must-read!

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