Tuesday, April 5, 2022


His life has just imploded.  Joey has just arrived home excited to see his wife after a week on the road and instead of finding her in the tub, he finds her in bed...with another woman.  She had been getting it on with her best friend Rhianna for months.  

The Las Vegas Vipers have just won the Stanley Cup and with the arena shaking from the excited home crowd Joey realizes he was alone.  It had been seven months since he kicked his wife out and now that he was divorced there wasn't a special someone to celebrate with.

When he arrives for the after-game celebratory dinner with family, the only seat available is next to his teammate Garrett's sister, Gabby.  Garrett had been best friends with one of his older brothers since college, but it wasn't until a few months ago when Garrett's wife had a miscarriage scare and he spent time with Gabby in the emergency room that he took notice of her as a woman.

When he overhears her mother giving Gabby a lecture about how she should be more like her brother, he distracts her and invites her to come with him after dinner to meet up with some of the players at the Venetian.  

Gabby wakes up confused about where she was and only settles down when she realizes that the man sleeping next to her is Joey and not some random stranger.  Although she is wearing a shirt that belongs to Joey, she can tell that nothing happened between them.

With her head spinning and throwing up the liquor from the night before she notices the huge rock on her left finger and a black hole as to what happened the night before.  When Joey wakes up and realizes the implications that a drunken marriage will have on his career and the team, he tells Gabby they should stay married since there had to be an important reason for them getting married.

I love this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is a combination friend's little sister, Las Vegas drunk wedding.  Joey grew up in the spotlight and never had to worry financially having a Hall of Fame hockey player father and now played professionally himself.  Gabby is a cosmetologist who is still finding her way in life with a mother who is continuously putting her down and comparing her to her famous hockey player brother.

This book had me laughing and crying.  Joey with his dimple and sexy grin.  Gabby with her insecurities.  Their story is both romantic and smoking hot!  I can't wait to read Dominick's story!

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