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Hayes would give away his billions to never see another single woman in his lifetime!  After two weeks of weddings, and the funeral for his cousin he arrives at his private estate hoping to hide from his mother who is determined to find him an 'appropriate' wife.  Only he arrives to find his estate has been broken into and is in complete shambles.  Dirty dishes, paint rags, clothes everywhere and the fridge that should be empty was full of junk food that was no longer edible as the door was ajar.

Begonia was enjoying her post-divorce retreat in a beautiful island mansion rental that she grabbed at a ridiculously low price.  That is until a man in a tux shows up while her face is covered in green goop and color in her hair as she is waxing her bikini area demanding to know why she is in his house.  

If that wasn't enough, her Shiloh Shepherd service dog, Marshmallow, who had a mind of his own had destroyed a priceless piece of art.  Now she is being threatened with a ten million dollar lawsuit unless she pretends to be this crazy man's girlfriend.  And since Marshmallow had dialed Hayes' mother's number and is on her way with marital prospects he wants an answer now.

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and highly relatable.  This book will keep you laughing.  Talk about a first meeting LOL.  Hayes is from a celebrity movie conglomerate family and will do anything to keep from making a scandal, but he has had enough with his interfering mother.

Begonia had wanted an adventure before returning to her job as a high school art teacher at the end of the summer, but pretending to be a billionaire's girlfriend might just be too much adventure.

This book is action-packed from page one and will keep you laughing from cover to cover.  The chemistry between Hayes and Begonia is smoking hot and she teaches this grumpy billionaire what is really important in life.

Highly recommend this book!  Another great story by Pippa Grant!

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