Friday, April 1, 2022


Mick had been waiting in the doctor's office forever, but finally, the last patient was leaving and he can get his form signed.  Mick was an ex-ballplayer turned medical device salesman.  Of all the offices that he dealt with training on how to properly use their partial knee replacement hardware, this was the one he both dreaded and looked forward to.

These surgeons are the worst.  One is especially unpleasant and condescending and Mick has to bite his lip hard to keep from commenting.  The ray of sunshine is one of the physician assistants.  Ava...who is Elsa in his fantasies.  Blame his sister for making him live through Frozen, but Ava reminds him of the princess in both looks and sunny attitude.

Ava suffers from debilitating migraines just as her mother had, but unlike her mother, she is determined to not let them take away her life.  Her job as a Physician's Assistant is stressful enough in the busy orthopedic office, but one surgeon, in particular, is determined to drive her crazy with his attitude and dumping his patients on her at the last second.

The highlight every two weeks is the eye candy who comes in to see how their hardware is working out.  Many of the surgeons make him wait, but she decides to make him her permanent appointment right before lunch so she can spend more time with him.

LM Fox has written another amazing book!  Mick....I so love Mick!  A sexy ex-ballplayer, what more could you want?  I love Mick and Ava's story.  So many misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Stubbornness and hurt play a big part of Mick's life.  Having been burned horribly by a past relationship he just ghosts Ava instead of confronting her.

This book is steamy hot and action-packed from beginning to end.  If you haven't read LM Fox you are definitely missing out on an outstanding author!!!

MOONSHOT is an interconnected prequel to the DEPRIVATION TRILOGY

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THE BITTER RIVAL is a standalone spinoff from the DEPRIVATION TRILOGY
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