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Lustina's mother had warned her to never trust the men with crosses and stern faces.  But, when the robed men promised to take her to her mother she followed.  The men were part of a religious group who hunted and destroyed the evil of the world scouring through villages looking for sinners.  They shunned the existence of angels believing they were the chosen for the Holy Father.  And they considered her mother one of the evil.

When they arrived at the monastery people spat at her cursing her in an unknown language.  She watched in dismay as her mother is led to a platform weighed down with chains and people yelling 'witch'.  Then she watched in horror as they lit a fire beneath her mother and watched as her mother burned to death before her eyes.

And then as she was held prisoner by several robed men, the Bishop was given a long metal rod that he stuck one end into the fire before applying the red hot poker to her arm.  She had just been branded with an unknown symbol...a cross with its bottom split into two parts, being told never to forget this day.

Farryn Ravenshaw decided to take a break from her job as a research assistant and lecturer of iconology to get her aunt's estate in order.  Luckily, she had left Farryn a sizeable inheritance as she needed a break.  As she was packing up her office, a man enters closing the door and sitting with no explanation.  The Chicago homicide detective wanted her to identify a symbol for him.  It seemed to be a cross that was split at the bottom into two parts.

A sudden itch had her reaching to lightly scratch her arm.  The detective had heard about a paper her father had written years ago about a religious sect he claimed to have been one of the earlier religious cults that had flourished centuries ago.  Not much was known of the group since they were now extinct, but she knew the symbol was identical to the birthmark on her upper arm.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This story takes you on a journey from the earthly realm into a place for the non-believers for Farryn's search for answers to the disappearance of her father.  I will warn you that this is so not an overnight read, but you will not be able to put it down once you begin.

There are so many twists and turns in this book full of mystery and suspense.  This is a love story that transcends all time.  The more Farryn discovers the more she doubts her sanity as the truth is impossible.  Farryn and Jericho are amazing characters along with a slew of secondary characters.  This author pulls you into this world of angels and demons so well that you feel part of the story.

The sexual chemistry between Farryn and Jericho is electric and so steamy hot it will melt your kindle.  Although you get a HEA, it is more of a happily ever now, because there is more to come in Farryn and Jericho's story and I'm sure it will be just as dangerous as this book.

This is my first time reading Keri Lake and her descriptions of Nightshade and its inhabitants were so well written that you would swear they were real.  So highly recommend not only this book but also this author.  

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